Saturday, August 18, 2012


I figured I would start off with something simple today. Enjoy...      
            "That was most satisfying," Korran said, picking his teeth with the end of his knife.
            "Well I'm glad you enjoyed it, it's your turn to pay." Alvorin reminded.
            "What?!" He dropped his knife, which landed point down, embedding itself into the table.
            "And I think Teluura's still pissed at you, she's been ordering the heavy stuff." He nodded towards the warrior across the table, who was smiling eerily as she polished off her fifth drink.
            "It was an honest mistake." He frowned, wiping his hands with a napkin. Alvorin raised an eyebrow.
            "You hit her with an arrow."
            "She looked like the enemy!" Korran protested, looking at his accuser for clemency.
            "We were fighting an army of trolls." Alvorin added.
            "Like I said, an honest mistake." A dagger flew dangerously close to his throat, hissing menacingly as it passed his head. "By the gods, she's even a good aim when she's drunk. You see this? It's a wonder I'm not a nervous wreck fighting alongside her."
            "If you two have quite finished." Alvorin rubbed the bridge of his nose in annoyance. "We have a lot to do tomorrow. Velin, how's your head?"
            He gestured towards the man who's head never left the table. Velin muffled something incoherent, and struggled to lift his chin high enough to take a swig of his medicinal strength brew.
            "That mage really did a number on you, didn't he?" The orc slapped his comrade on the back, who cried out in misery. "I mean the size of those tendrils that squirmed their way into your brain. Right from his fingertips!"
            "Korran, leave the poor man alone." Alvorin scolded. "Honestly it's like herding cats with you lot, it's a wonder we made it back at all."
            "But we did, and made off with a fine bounty, if I may say so," Telurra mentioned, licking her lips as she dove into her second plate.
            "Valid points indeed, but we're missing the key essentials. I think first off we need to take Velin to the healer, then march straight off to the guild hall for some well needed training."
            "The hell died and made you law?" Teluura demanded.
            "The king did, if you recall. Now does anyone else have better ideas?" Alvorin challenged. Synchronous mumbles uttered around the table. "Good. I thought not."
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