Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dreams 1

Yeah, I know I'm kinda cheatin using old things I already had, but it is still enjoyable. This is an excerpt from my main novel project I'm working on...

She was on trial again, the red sea of her judges looked down on her from above ground, hooded figures hiding their cowardly faces. She shouted at them, angrily screaming out her protests. She was not what they thought she was.
There was a human in the center of the crowd, taking the role of Master Judge on his pedestal. Dressed in black, his face was clouded in her mind.  He raised a hand and demanded her silence. She shook her fists at him, spewing venomous intent. The earth shook as black thorny vines sprouted, clawing their way to the air. Tendrils wrapped themselves around her limbs, piercing her flesh as it restrained her. The more she fought, the more she bled. The crowd cheered, excited that justice would finally be served.
The black robed man paused and ordered the murmuring flood to cease their clamor. The earth shook again as a multitude of voices screamed out in agony, her fallen comrades demanding for revenge. Behind her she heard whispers, voices sealing deals and money exchanging hands. The echoes grew louder, filling her mind with noise of despair. She heard footsteps behind her. Unable to turn around, she watched as the shadowy figure signaled to the being behind her.
Everything grew silent again as the executioner performed his rite, driving his curved swords straight through her back. She screamed in agony as the  blade bored through her, glistening in the light as it trickled with her own blood. The Judge wiped blood from his face in disdain, flinging it to the ground.
The world around her dissolved, and it began to rain. The vines receded back into the earth, and she collapsed on to the mound of dust beneath her. Unable to move, she watched as her blood pooled around her, feeding the earth with her life. She spotted another human shape looking down at her, sank to his knees, remorseful expression on his cloudy face. And everything around her was still again.
Nara awoke with a start, cold sweat pouring down her face. She felt her abdomen and discovered there was no wound to be found. She calmed down and slammed her head back into her pillow. She took a few deep breaths to control the adrenaline rush.
“God damn it,” She muttered. “Not again.”
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