Monday, August 27, 2012


               “Mr. L, good you are on time,” The suave man sipped a glowing green drink. “Let us talk in a quieter place,” he gestured over to a door in the back room, guarded by two black clad bouncers.
                “Uh, sure, as you wish,” Mr. L said as he followed the man to the back room.
The dealer flicked his long hair over his shoulder coyly as he nodded at the guards standing on opposite sides of the door. One of the guards unfolded his arms and opened the door and motioned for them to step inside, while the other approached Nara and held his arm outward, shaking his head in refusal. Mr. L looked at his contact coldly.
                “He comes inside with me or the deal is off,” Mr. L demanded. The guard looked at his boss questioningly.Naraseized the opportunity to drop a small camera bug on the floor. With a few subtle flicks of her fingers, she let it crawl onto the wall near the door.
                “You got the other viewpoint?” She asked Garrett as she opened a window on her helmet, seeing from the perspective of the bug.
                “It’s on split screen now.” He reported. “From the looks of it, you have a lot of attention towards you. I can see about seven people, not including the two guards and the dealer, who are watching you, and many more who are packing weapons. Might wanna be careful here.”
                “Got it.” The dealer looked back at Nara and smirked.
                “Fine, let him in. He won’t be able to do much here anyway.” He waved them off as he entered the room. The guard removed his arm from Nara’s personal space, allowing her to pass. One grunt inside the room closed the door behind her.
               The room was devoid of life, save for a few more bouncers standing by. This room was lit with a peculiar sea green shade. Tension, as well as insulation, dulled out the music from the dance floor, only permitting a rhythmic beating of bass to be heard. Save for a few hanging lights, the room was mostly bare. More plush chairs and tables were scattered about, each hidden in a separate cubby-hole to advocate privacy.
                “Please, have a seat,” The man gestured to a table in the center of the room. Mr. L nervously sat in the offered chair, whileNarastood close behind him, arms folded. One of the bouncers poured a drink for the dealer.
                “You know, I really don’t like the looks of that blonde one doing all the talking,” Garrett mentioned to her through her helm.
                “You’re not the only one.” She added.
                “And those seven have started moving closer to the door. Not all at once, but I have noticed them trying to look nonchalant.” He pointed out, rotating his viewports.
                “Hmmm.” Seven on the floor, two outside the door, four in here, and one talking the deal, she thought. “The odds aren’t too great, but I’ve seen worse.”
                “I assume you have brought what we are looking for,” The dealer asked as he idly played with his glass of wine.
                “Of course, yes,” Mr. L fidgeted with his case and produced three vials, laying them on the table in front of him. The dealer took one of them and rolled it around in his hand.
                “Excellent.” He placed it back on the table. “My employer is very glad you could come to his assistance. And is willing to offer you thirteen for them.”
                “Each?” Mr. L asked confused.
                “Total.” The suave delicately placed the vial back onto the table.
                “That isn’t what we negotiated.” Mr. L argued.Narasensed an uneasiness in the room as the guards shifted position. Something’s not right, she thought, this could get ugly real quick.
                “Pay attention to EVERYTHING,”Nara ordered Garrett.
                “I’m on it.”
                “I assure you, he is being very generous with this offer.” The dealer continued, sliding the glass away from him, causing the nearest grunt to refill it.
                “Do you realize what I had to go through in order to get these to you? Then you change your mind and offer me this extremely diminutive fee as a result?” Mr. L clutched his case till his knuckles turned white. He made no effort to quell his anger.Nara’s confidence suddenly dropped
                “This ass better watch his mouth or he’s going to make me work for my money,”Nara grumbled.
                “I’m sure there is another arrangement we can come up with. If you don’t like this offer, I could always give you another option.” He paused to take another sip his drink. “I’m also sure, Mr. Linureste, that your employer wouldn’t like to hear about how you have stolen company property in order to sell it to competition.”
                “Uh oh. That’s not good.”  An identity revealed, this man was not playing around. She was in a lot more trouble than she thought.
                “You are a lot more rotten than you sound.” Mr. L spat.
                “Why? Because I cover my tracks? Of course I was going to find out who you are before meeting up with you. Now the choice is yours.” The dealer presented a slice and laid it on the table.
                “Just give him the merch, and let’s go, dammit. Fucking walk away from this.” She urged in her mind, but knew she had to keep silent. She prayed that the force of her personality would persuade her client to make the right choice.
                “Somebody is moving towards the door. Make that two goons.” Garrett reported.
                “Fuck.” She didn’t have time, she needed to study the escape routes when things got ugly. And there was a certainty that they would.
                “I don’t think much of your attitude, sir,” Mr. L said as he began to reach for the vials.
                “No,no,no,no. No. Stop. Right now.” She growled. The men in the room began unsheathing their weapons. There was no time left to react. Her client made his move, now it’s up to her to clean up the mess. She contemplated leaving Mr. “L” in a puddle of his own blood. Hell, she didn’t need the money anyway. The dealer raised his hand, wry smile twisting on his thin lips.
                “I’m sorry you feel that way. But since I see you are more of a hard bargainer, let me make an offer you shouldn’t refuse: You leave the specimens here, and I let you walk out.” The dealer took another casual sip as the guard’s guns fixed on Mr. L.
                “Nara, more men are headed your way.” Garrett reported.
                “Shit.” Your move, you fool, let’s leave right now, she implored, gritting her teeth from beneath her helmet. Mr. L confidently continued sliding his arm across the table.
                ”What the hell do you think you are doing?”

****Excerpt from an early chapter of my current novel. I'd love to hear opinions. I'm not sure it sounds quite right to me. More to come later****
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