Monday, August 20, 2012


             He slowly opened his eyes, just to force them shut again, assaulted by the sun breaking through the trees. The  hot humid air clawed over his cut up face. He found himself in a soft bed of greenery, unable to move as sleep paralysis had taken over.
            How long have I been out, he thought, are they still looking for me?
            He tried opening his eyes again, ready for the onslaught. He took an experimental breath, stopped short by a coughing fit,  ribs still ached from the fall. He turned his neck side to side. I could keep going, he thought. He pulled himself to a sitting position, shaking in feeling back into his weary limbs.
            He had to continue, they could be near, wanting to take him back. His escape did not come for free, and he had paid with flesh. He felt guilty for losing consciousness, there was no time to waste.
            He slowly picked himself up to his feet, groaning in pain as his body rebelled, demanding he rests further. But he could not satisfy its demands. He attempted stretching his burning arms, preparing himself for his next move.
            But his regime was abruptly interrupted by a twig snapping from behind him, followed by the click-click of a cocked rifle. He slowly turned around to greet his assailant: a brightly lit grin owned by a hollow shadow. He knew why it was here, it was only a matter of time.
            A breeze twirled a few leaves between them, unsympathetic to his misfortune. The grin remained still, mocking his futile efforts. And there he waited, time stands still s fate decided what would happen next.
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