Friday, August 17, 2012

Parlour Tricks

 This is an excerpt from a dieselpunk novel I am working on. One of many large works I start but can’t seem to finish….

             “Cap’n! Cap’n!” Gavin waved excitedly, nearly falling off the barrel he was sitting on.
             “What is it now?” Talon said.
             “Do that trick you do. You know, that thing,” Edwin asked cheerfully.
             “Ugh. You've seen me do that a thousand times. Give it a rest.”  Talon rubbed her forehead in mild annoyance.
             “I know. But Mr. Davik hasn’t seen it! And I’m sure he would love it.” Gavin goaded.
             “Oh, that’s quite alright,” Davik sheepishly declined.
             “C’mon please!” Edwin pleaded.
             “Ohhhhh. Alright fine, hand me that rotgut over there, no sense in wasting good stuff over  this.” Talon submitted, pointing to the stash of bottles everyone was circled around.
               “Yay!” Gavin cheered as his brother pushed the bottle into the captain's hand. Talon pulled out her long wavy hair and retied it over her left shoulder. She took a little water and glossed it over the right side of her hair, look of determination in her expression.
                She flicked the bottle open with her mechanical thumb and threw back a gargantuan swig. One, two, three draughts, nearly draining the contents of the bottle before slamming  it down on the crate. With the look of a trained monk, she inhaled deeply, her chest puffing as far as her massive frame could allow. She pinched her nose and pursed her lips tightly, holding her breath. With her free hand, she produced a small bronze lighter and flicked the flame on.
                Davik watched her with fixation as she raised the flame over the vents in her artificial lung. A delicate smirk scrawled across her face. She cocked her head to the left and forcefully exhaled, air rushing from the pipes jutting out from her neck. Bright blue plumes of fire suddenly shot a good four feet above her as the air ignited, making an eerie “fooooom” as they flew. Davik’s eyes widened in both fear and fascination as he watched the fire cascade her frame, giving the captain a frightening silhouette.
                She stopped feeding air out and the flame trickled into a lowly candle light smoking out of the pipes. She wet down her metal hand and pinched each flame out.
                “There, satisfied?” She taunted the brothers.
                “That was AWESOME!!” Gavin shouted.
                “I think you hit a new distance record there, cap’n,” Martin added.
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