Saturday, August 25, 2012

Project Gilgamesh

            Dr. Avernus paced in front of the office door.  It was project evaluation time and it was nearly his turn for review. It struck him with more annoyance than worry, his project was of the utmost importance and if the corporate heads couldn’t see it his way, he will just have to get funding elsewhere. He was sure this would be for the greater good of society.
            He paused to gaze out of the window of Chryansa Labs Biotech building. On the 67th floor, the whole city could be seen in all of its wonders.  It was a splendid sight; the buildings scraped the sky and were outlined in lights varying in shades from greens to blues to purples. The evening traffic buzzed as people were eager to go home after a long day’s work. There was a lot of life to be seen from this window, both organic and mechanical. But the doctor was too concerned with his project to notice the awe inspiring view; the window was there merely for a focus to his thoughts.
            His concentration was broken when the office door suddenly creaked open. A secretary came out and looked over the doctor.
            “Dr. Ioneth Avernus?” The secretary asked.
            “The panel will see you now. Please come this way.” The man motioned the doctor to follow him and then walked back into the room. The doctor’s lanky figure shadowed the secretary in a most ominous way.
            He was led into a mostly empty room, decorated with sleek gunmetal gray walls. A wall of glass bordered the far edge of the room where another marvelous view of the city could be seen. In front of the window there was a huge desk and seated there were four executive officers, looking stoic and cold at the new arrival. In the center of the room there was a podium and a table for presenters to assemble their projects. Avernus didn’t have much to give, but he had much more to say. He positioned himself in front of the podium and waited for the executives to finish shifting documents. It was quite a fascinating sight to see; a pale, feeble looking figure illuminate with such audacity. He was prepared. One of the panel members coughed then addressed him.
            “Dr. Avernus, please indulge the panel as to what progress you have made in your work.” Avernus brushed his lifeless black hair away from his glasses with a bony finger before he spoke.
            “Certainly. Project Gilgamesh is the newest advancement in law enforcement of Oracle Station.” He fiddled with a pocket projector and images of schematics and biochemical equations came in to view. He set the projector down and continued his speech. “Using the latest technologies of cybernetics as well as reorganization of genetic material, we are able to create an organism of superior capabilities.  Gilgamesh will be able to compete with and overrun the current faction of police force, the Enforcers. Because the Enforcers are of questionable origins and are governmentally run, reducing their presence will benefit Chryansa’s influence in the city. Gilgamesh will give Chryansa a larger say in the way the city progresses. As of now…”
            “Avernus,” another member of the board interrupted. “This is the same presentation you have given at the last review.”
            “Yes, well. I was getting to…”
            “This project has been going on for sixteen years.  The company is getting impatient with you. Isn’t there something you have to show for it?” The panel looked at the doctor expectantly.
            “Growth takes time with an organism of this complex nature. I wanted to use the full development period of a being as a control, so that future generations will not have problems once the growing speed procedures have been increased. As of the current specimen, the enhancements and preliminary testing is nearly complete. It will be ready for combat training within a year.” The display of the holoprojector changed to progress charts and video coverage of the testing. The panel remained silent for a few painful moments, then congregated in incoherent murmurs. Finally, another spoke aloud.
            “Very well. We will give you one more evaluation, but that is only because of your outstanding reputation with innovative bio-weaponry and your other previous projects that have benefit the corporation in the past. However, take this as a warning: you are on probation. If there is no further progress at the end of next year’s review period, your project will be cut and your future will be taken with great consideration. That is all for now.”
            “Thank you, sirs. I assure you, you will not be disappointed.” And with that, Avernus slinked out of the room

***Holy crap, I forgot I had this around. I wrote this years ago, intending on creating another novel based off of one of my earliest developed characters. I'm just surprised that it sounds as well as it does...***

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