Friday, August 24, 2012


     “Here, try it out.” Art said as she caught the device. She played with it for a little while, then stood up and removed her coat. She held the badge up to her throat and pressed the center button, causing it to glow with a blue light. It snapped onto her collarbone, forming a necklace. Metal plates slithered from all over the piece, covering her chest and arms, and continuing over her face and legs. The end result gave her the appearance of a giant mechanical ghoul. Though there were no traces of eyes on the featureless helmet, it was obvious she could see the world around her. She flexed her back and arms experimentally.
            The armor was obviously meant for two purposes: to intimidate, and to maintain anonymity. Nara morphed into a giant steel brute, coated in silvery-black segmented plates. The faceless form stared down at him, giving him a chill to his spine.  Being unable to sense her emotions made her appear soulless and almost animalistic.
            Even though it was normally hard to distinguish Nara’s gender at certain angles, the metallic shroud seemed to have distributed her weight, making the task impossible. It was a useful feature to have when one’s career involves constant breaking and entering.
            “So how does it feel?” Garrett inquired.
            “Like there’s nothing on.” Nara remarked. Art pulled out a small pistol from his desk.
            “May I?” He showed her the piece.
            “By all means,” She said. He took aim and fired at her shoulder. The bullet made a soft ‘tink’ as it bounced off the plating. Nara, being a sturdy individual in the first place, barely shifted when the bullet hit her. Before anyone could react, the metal of the armor shifted in a liquid motion, repairing the damage even quicker than it had before.
            “Nice one, Art.” She said approvingly. Art beamed, obviously quite pleased with himself.
            “Whoa.” Garrett shook his head, still unsure of what exactly happened. “That was awesome.” He looked over to Art. “How exactly does the metal react like that? How does it work?”
“Well,” Art took a deep breath, thrilled to be explaining his work to someone genuinely interested. “Basically the type of metal produced from the armor is programmable, and with a few commands, one can easily make it take to whatever shape desired. Once the shape is executed, another command tells the metal to harden.” He paused, waiting briefly for questions, then continued. “The armor constantly seeks to maintain this shape, and when damage is made to the armor, it quickly reshapes itself to get back into its previous state. What I did was adjust it so that the process of reaction is faster. Essentially, as long as the damage Nara takes doesn’t penetrate the plating, she’s pretty much invulnerable.”

Bit of an early chapter in my cyberpunk novel. Still got some kinks, but it's mostly finished.
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