Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Danger Ahead

“The sails are on fire? Holy shit! The sails are on fire!!” That was the first time in her life she has seen metal ignite. “Boys, get up there with water and wax. Now!!”

“Aye, Captain,” The twins chirped and rushed off. They returned shortly with brass packs strapped to their backs. They swiftly climbed up the mast and shot water through the hose attached. The fire quenched and they moved on to squirting the repair wax all over the holes made from the fireball. It would be a temporary fix until they could get it patched up, but that would have to wait until the waters calmed down a bit.

The beast roared and sunk in the water, the ship bounced synchronous to the waves it created.  The crew watched and waited to see if it would rise again. The silence left an uneasy peace on deck. Talon looked up at the cloud mist. The colors changed from the silky blue to a pale green. After moments passed, she decided it wouldn’t return, at least for a little while.

“Alright, stand down for now. But be on the watch for anything else.” She walked over to Martin, who seemed to be staring out into a void. “That was odd. We must be in another layer of the mist. The thing didn’t seem to want to follow us in here.”

“Mmm.” He managed to utter, still staring off into space. She looked at him oddly.

“Hey, what’s gotten in to you?”


“You’re tired from the journey. Go lay down for a while.” She ordered.

“Mmm.” He responded and walked off. She watched him closely as went under deck. She shook her head and climbed on the roof of her quarters. She took out a spyglass and watched the seas around her. Suddenly, the ship took a hard right, parallel to the ring of green mist.

“Hey, Vayne! ‘The hell are you doing?” She called out to him through the radio.

“This is the way to go. We go this way.” The distracted voice called back.

“What the hell is wrong with you? You’re going away from the epicenter; we’ll be making giant circles the way you’re headed.” She called out to him.

“This is the righteous path…” He droned off. The hell is wrong with these guys, she thought. She jumped down from the roof and marched into the control room. Vayne had the same vacant stare Martin had before she ordered him away.

“Vayne, alter the course now!” She laid a hand on his shoulder. He grabbed her hand and turned around. She twisted her wrist and freed herself from his grasp He glared at her with a possessed look.

“You….are trying to destroy…the ship…” He hissed through labored breaths.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” She demanded. He made a clumsy strike at her, and she caught it, spinning him around and trapping him in an arm hold. “Vayne, you have three seconds to compose yourself, or I will not be responsible for my actions.”

“Heathen…must be tried…” He snarled, struggling in her grasp.

“Damn it! Stop!” She shouted as he wriggled around a bit more. She whipped the back of his head with her mechanical arm. He fell limp on to the floor at her feet. “Well, that’s great. I’m down a pilot.”

She took off her belt and tied Vayne’s arms behind his back. She shut off the throttle, and the ship quieted to a dull hum as it hovered motionless over the water. She turned around and dusted herself off. As she stood up, she noticed she felt a little queasy. This was followed by throbbing pangs inside her head. What the hell, she thought. Have I gone insane?

***Sorry it's been so long, I've had the first vacation in.....well....years. So I haven't done much in the Nara adventure, but I am working diligently on it. For now, it looks like more of Thane will be around.***

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