Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mmmm Fluids

“Not a lot you can do to make me take something personal.” She lowered her voice. “That hasn’t already been done.”
“What?”  He wasn't sure he heard her accurately, and ignored the notion.
“Nothing.” She said. He looked at her oddly. She stopped in her tracks and started scanning the alleyways, keeping a hand nearby her belt.
“Well I suppose that…” Garrett began.
“Shh!” She cut him off and froze. Garrett listened hard, suddenly aware of what he thought to be the sound of snarling and chain rattling
            “What’s that?” He whispered.
            “Trouble. Big trouble.” She breathed as she drew out a pistol. “Get behind me, and do not let them touch you.”
            “Them?” He looked towards the source of the noise, where three cackling figures emerged into the light.
            They were directly out of a macabre horror flick involving the insane musings of an unhinged genetic doctor. One creature looked like a composite of many different humanoid creatures, a spectrum of flesh haphazardly sewn together. It was difficult to tell what the original creature used to be. It lumbered slowly towards them with uneven legs, muscles bulged out of one, while the other was gaunt and sickly. Its clothes were torn to rags, and bits of hair grew in chunks out of its mostly bald head. The jaw was too big for the rest of the skull, flesh hung from the teeth in a feeble attempt to fight gravity, and oily yellow bodily fluids dripped from the crevasses. It had two different colored eyes, both focused on the quarry ahead.
            The second figure looked to what Garrett thought as a human syringe. It was a scrawny, bent-backed figure, a metal exoskeleton tracing its body, making it appear as if its bones decided to burst out of its skin. Grey flesh dotted its body while the majority of its facial features were disguised under a half mask of metal. It hands were the most intimidating: each finger was a glass like tube filled with glowing colored liquid, ending in long menacing needles. Drips of the liquid occasionally fell onto the ground, hissing as it corroded the surface away.
            The third had an air of leadership about him. It was difficult to tell what the creature looked like, as he was concealed by a white overcoat which was spattered with blood and other unrecognizable fluids. His face was concealed by a surgeon’s mask and dark glasses. His flesh was white, where it showed on his face, and his hair was dark, slicked back in a typical gangster style. His black gloved hands brandished two fearsome weapons. In one, he held a high-powered rifle slung casually around his shoulders, a glowing green liquid sloshing inside the ammunition chamber. And in the other, a simple heavy steel chain.
            At the other end of the chain was the source of the rabid snarling. It looked like it once was human, but was warped into a starved rat-like beast. Spikes lined its spine and its head was replaced with a horrid bug like skull; blue faceted compound eyes and green pincer like mandibles jutting from the front of its face. Its legs had some mechanical augmentations, built most likely for speed. It clicked and snarled as it rubbed its mantis like appendages menacingly.
            “Experimentalists,” Nara hissed as she drew a second pistol.
            The bug beast sniffed the air, and clicked with delight. It spotted Garret peering from behind his stalwart companion. It tugged at the chain, leaping in the air, trying in vain to get away from its master. The surgeon held his pet steady, laughing at its new found game.
            He let go of the leash as the creature tugged one final time. He moved his gun over to his opposite hand, ooze gurgled out of the chamber. The surgeon pumped the rifle once, and raised the gun to aim.
            “Run,” Nara ordered as she released a shot, hitting the surgeon directly in the head. The figure sank to his knees lifeless then slumped into a mass on the ground. The body twitched as Nara unloaded several more rounds into it; she was taking no chances with this group.
            Garrett took the warning to heart and took off running. The bug beast charged with its new found freedom, gnashing its mandibles, ooze dripping from its teeth. Garrett weaved back and forth, getting whatever debris on the street between him and the creature. But his fear took a hold of him as he looked back once more. He misjudged a step and tripped over a piece of rebar. Crying out in shock he fell face first into the concrete.
            He turned around as the creature advanced on him. It leapt up, raising its  lance like arms and screeching in what could only be translated as a battle cry. It could almost taste Garrett's squishy flesh when suddenly, another shot sounded. Its head burst open, showering the floor with gory remains.  It gurgled as it crashed to the ground, convulsing uncontrollably at Garrett’s feet.
            He gasped in fear and shoved away from the twitching beast. He looked up to see Nara pointing a gun in his direction, but her attention focused on the remaining two assailants. He wasn’t sure exactly what to do next, but the gurgling beast was still crawling towards him. Fear drained his remaining strength and he managed scoot himself backwards across the pavement at the same pace.
            The flesh giant stared at his fallen pet convulsing on the ground. Glowing green tears welled up in its sagging eye sockets and it began sobbing. It wailed and moaned as sorrow overwhelmed him. Nara started backing away slowly to detract attention. It saw her move and he shifted his gaze. He realized it was her that destroyed his friend. He snorted loudly as he wiped tears and snot from his face. He roared at her, directing his ire at the murderer of his companion. Nara stood her ground and waited for what the giant would do.
            Drunk with rage, the giant rushed at her, his bellows echoed inside the narrow alleyway. He swung his gargantuan arm in an exaggerated arc. In his furious attack, he left too much room for error, and Nara was able to duck under his swing. Instinctively, she threw a dagger into the back of the beast, but he appeared unimpressed as it bit through his flesh.
            The metal man lunged at her with his needle hands, slashing and ripping the air in front of it. Nara backed up from the assault, her pistols snapping back into their holsters and kicked up a metal box lying on the ground, using it as a shield as the creature advanced on her. She waited, watching its timing before jutting the box in front of her. The needle hands pierced the box, the liquid spurting out melded its fingers to the crate. She twisted the arm at an awkward angle, but the creature cackled at her as the box began to dissolve from the corrosive payload leaking from its fingertips.
            With lightning reflexes, she shoved the box to the ground, pushing the creature down with it. She took out a laser cutter from her belt and dodged under the creature's other flailing arm as it tried to recover its balance. The blade hummed hungrily as she made a clean strike through the creature's arm. It shrieked in agony as the limb dropped from the elbow, neatly cauterized and containing its bodily fluids as melted metal fused with flesh.
            The giant recovered from its initial attack and whirled around to witness the fight, angered once again to see his companion screeching in pain. He glared at Nara, strings of slobber thrown from his face as he displayed his anger through a tremendous roar. Nara looked above her to discover several chunks of concrete and metal bars that appeared as if they could support her weight.
            The brute gave her little time to think as he charged forward, yelling as he flew. He drew back his fist as Nara plucked a slightly larger gun from her belt. She squeezed of a round into the advancing tank, but he showed no signs of faltering. He hurled his arm, but Nara's swift movements escaped the onslaught. She vaulted herself up, catching an iron bar jutting from the wall. She hauled herself on top just as the brute's fist crashed into the wall, cracks spidering from the impact, sending fragments flying. Gun in one hand, she fired off another shot and braced herself against the wall.
            The screeching needle man recovered, clambering on top of the brute as if he was part of the scenery. It launched itself from its back, raising its deadly protrusions like a lance, aiming directly at Nara's throat.
            "Nope," She forbade as she squeezed the trigger, hurling the creature backward, half of its face suddenly missing in a shower of metal and bone. She shielded her face from any residual gore with her coat. The creature plummeted to the ground with a sickening thud, the ground hissing and releasing vapors as it leaked fluids on the pavement.
            The brute looked up at her, still drunk with fury.  With his hyper-muscled arm, he gripped the iron bar Nara was perched on. She pulled herself up to a higher level, unloading another two rounds into the creature with one hand, rappelling with the other.
 She skirted the air above as the beast bent the bar and tore it from the wall. She braced herself with her free hand as the wall shuddered beneath its might, swinging freely as she gripped a hunk of concrete.  
            It threw down the pipe in frustration and began to ascended the wall, creating its own hold points as it tore chunks from the concrete, it's sickly arm flailing about as it tried in vain to grab Nara.
            "Nope," she denied again as she aimed below her feet and fired once more, but the brute was unimpressed. For fuck's sake I put at least six rounds into it, she thought as she dangled.
            But the more she shot, the more it angered.  She had succeeded in removing practically all the flesh from the creatures face, its skull exposed, but the shards of her weapon barely making scratches into the sickly green bone. She didn't have time to or the munitions to keep taking potshots until the bone gave through.
            She scanned her surroundings and spotted a chunk of a concrete support hanging precariously over the edge of the building. She smirked as she fired a few shots into the ledge supporting it, carving out a small basin approximately as wide as the beam. She raised her foot to climb up again, but the scrawny arm of the creature caught her boot just as she lifted it.
            "Nope," She repeated, shooting it in the wrist. Kicking it away she continued her ascent, swinging her body until she was high enough to catch another foothold to the side, using the force of tension to keep her body taut. With a grunt she flung herself forward, grabbing onto the wall the creature nipping at her heels. She hauled herself over the ledge and ran to her target. She whistled obnoxiously, taunting the beast.
            The beast was all too willing to comply. He strafed across the wall, quaking the structure with each leap. Just a little closer, she thought as she nudged the concrete block with a solid shoulder.  As the brute reached up for her it made one final bellow, and with a grunt and a heave, Nara shoved the concrete block over the ledge.
            With a sickening crunch, the block nailed its target, collapsing the beast's head into its shoulders. Its muscles instinctively let go of the wall, the rock still lodged into its body, sending the beast crashing to the ground with earth shattering force.
            She descended down to a lower ledge of reasonable height then propelled off, diving gracefully feet first. She landed kneeling as she hit the ground, brushing the pavement with her fingertips, her coat fluttering delicately behind her. She brushed herself off and sauntered over to a shell-shocked Garrett staring in disbelief. She bent over him and offered her hand.
            “You ok?” She asked as she hauled him to his feet.

            “Yeah,” He panted for breath, eyes still locked on the fallen titan. 

***Action sequence in my current novel. Not sure if it's finished yet, but I thought I would share anyway. ****
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