Monday, September 3, 2012

Running Interference

                “I can see the cryo chest the target is supposed to be in,” Garrett informed.
                “Good. Any activity?” Nara zoomed in on her target through her helmet.
                “Nothing that I can see so far.”
                “Nice. Alright. Give me a minute to think of a plan of attack.”
                “Wait a minute….”
                “What is it?”
                “I’m seeing some sort of anomaly on the scanners. I can’t get a reading on it whatsoever; it’s like this hazy blob thing.”
                 “Down on the floor, near the tank.” Nara desperately scoured the room to see what he was referring to. She saw a vaguely humanoid shape bending light around its aura, making it nearly invisible.
                “What the fuck is he doing here?”
                 “What? What’s going on?” He demanded. Shit, she thought, this was some serious trouble. The humanoid approached the tank and cracked open the seal. The chest hissed as the lid slowly arose, and cloudy gasses flowed onto the floor. Shit, not good, she thought.
                  “No, no no. Go away.” She slid a pistol in her hand and aimed for the hazy form. She fired one shot, revealing an arm covered in a set of armor similar to hers. She watched as the hazy shield reformed around. “Shit
                   She fired a few more shots. That usually kept him away, but it seemed he meant business this time. Fuck the alarms, fuck security, fuck this,she breathed. She needed to get him out of here.
                  The humanoid continued his work, unphased, grabbing the only test tube resting inside the chamber.
                 “Fuck,” She muttered again. Something was wrong, not even a single acknowledgement of her presence. He was determined.
                “What are you doing??” Garrett asked. She switched off her communication channel, leaving Garrett blind to her view of the world. He stared at the black screen in shock. “Nara, what the hell are you doing?”
               She needed that specimen, she was willing to sacrifice sportsmanship for this. The stakes were too high to risk on a game. She pulled out a higher powered gun and readied her aim.
               “Forgive me, comrade,” And she discharged a massive round into the humanoid. The loud BOOM of her strike alerted the security systems. The shot hit the humanoid right in his back, penetrating his armor. He tripped and fell to his knees. Like a possessed beast, he stood back up again and took off running.
               “And where the hell do you think you are going,” She thought as  She jumped over the railing and chased after him
                “SECURITY BREACH. SECURITY BREACH. SECTOR F9. SUBJECT 552984729 HAS BEEN COMPRIMISED.” A feminine machine voice blared through the room. Lights  dimmed into a dark red as alarm sirens screeched.
               He was gaining speed and Nara was fighting to keep up with him. She jumped over crates to cut distance but it was no avail.The man ran with a drunken obsession through the hallways. She aimed another shot and fired into his leg.  He fell once more, but the armor compensated for the creature’s damaged muscle. Twice more she fired into him before he tripped and slowed down enough for her to catch up to him. 
           Nara sprinted and caught up to him, grabbing his shoulder and threw him to the ground. He kicked at her, forcing her to jump out of the way. He restored his footing, arching his back in an aggressive stance.
          He lashed at her with blades formed out of his armor, cutting her in the ribs. She growled at the being and grabbed his other arm. She let out a small shock, causing the man to cry out and sink to his knees. She twisted around him and locked  her body around his, binding his neck and armed hand. The man formed another blade and drove it into her shin, where the armor reacted and engulfed the weapon, making his arm immobile.
          She only had a few seconds to act until the room would be swarming with guards and security drones. Ignoring the pain, she tightened her grasp of the straining man.
          “What the hell has gotten into you?” She demanded the creature.
           “I….I couldn’t let you do this….destroy,” The man’s fight faded as he began to go limp in her arms. The helmet dissolved revealing the familiar pale face of Cain, dripping in sweat, panting heavily. “Please….shoot me…before…visions.”
          “Are you fucking kidding me?” She argued. Cain began to lose control of motor skills as he started shivering violently in her grasp.
          “Please….now,” he whispered. Not knowing what to do next, she took out a small pistol and obeyed the command. Cain fell lifeless to the ground as she let go of him.
          “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” She didn’t know what to do with the corpse laid before her. But she had little time to think about it when doors opened and armed units stormed onto the room. Instinctively, she threw the body over her shoulder and bolted for the entrance in a blaze of fire and bullets.
***Sketched version of another sequence. I'm running out of the fleshed out stuff, so I will hopefully be working on improv sooner or later***
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