Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Character Profiles: Nara

         Nara, meaning “Forsaken” in her native tongue, is an exiled war criminal from a planet a solar system away from Arcadia. Trying in vain to forget her past, she made a new life for herself as a gun for hire deep into the Undercity. Generally suspicious of anyone unfamiliar, she keeps to herself in a quiet abandoned complex on the fringes of the uncivilized zones.

Quite content with living in her own solitary world, she has long given up the need for companionship, and instead taking money, as well as guns, as comfort. Any relationship she participates in is strictly professional, and is only as loyal as the client can afford. Though she is not greedy, as she has no use or interest in collecting luxury items, she is convinced that the only power worth trusting is that which has monetary value.

Though irritated with his company and finds him quite naïve, Nara knows Garrett is good on his word when it comes to promising payment in exchange for her personal information, and therefore maintains the relationship, at least until she can find an appropriate alley to dispose of him. Temper aside, she is a loyal and dedicated fighter, and is always keeping him out of trouble.

Physical Attributes:

Nara stands approximately 7’ 2’’ tall, a little above average for her race, the Ara’yulthr. Members of this race are characterized by their red skin, and nail-like armor plating that protect major muscle groups. The plates themselves are known to be extremely sturdy, registering a 4-6 on the Mohs Hardness scale, depending on the individual. They are physically an androgynous race, giving foreigners a hard time distinguishing gender from a distance. They tend to be built solidly, due to soldier training regimens enforced on the youth when they come of age. Foreigners have often compared them to statues or gargoyles due to their massive physique. Up close, there are very subtle details that can be picked up on, and features vary greatly for each individual. Nara's long, plum colored wavy hair and icy blue eyes give her a bit of a feminine mystique, whenever she actually let's it down. Ara'yulthr have vertical slit pupils, giving them a more otherworldly characteristic.

Nara is a somewhat above average specimen, considerably stronger than her peers, and had always excelled at her training. She has two distinct tattoos on her forearms of coiling serpents, significance known to only a few. The armor plating on her forearms is carved to continue the scaling pattern, and the indentations are gilt with a rose gold to contrast the darker color of the plates. Her softly refined pointed ears are covered in gold gemmed earrings and chains, more of a vanity characteristic rather than sentimental.

Other features:

The Ara’yulthr are known to have powerful subconscious capability, taking the form of vivid dreams that show pieces of the future, foretelling good or bad outcomes based off of potential decisions an individual may come across. They often spend time meditating to interpret the images.
 Nara, unfortunately is plagued with very fragmented, cloudy dreams that give unclear messages, but all somehow portend a coming doom. Never being able to comprehend what her mind is telling her, she suffers from a self-inflicted insomnia, branding her the nickname “Sleepless One.”
In terms of intergalactic relations, the Ara’yulthr tend to keep all other races at arms length. They are a militaristic culture, and are constantly trying to defend their lands from invaders who want to take advantage of their resources, i.e. slavers. Nara has retained some of these characteristics, and is always wary of ulterior motives from anyone she meets.

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