Friday, October 5, 2012

Nara Deleted Scenes? Part 1

                “Declan. Got a favor to ask you.” Sentinel said, a concerned tone echoed in his voice.
                “Oh? Anyone interesting?” Declan retorted, knowing full well he was needed to patch somebody up whenever he called.
                “It’s Nara.” Sentinel reported. Declan remained silent over the channel as the severity of the situation dawned on him.
                “I’ll be down in five minutes.”
                “Holy fuck, what a mess.” Declan announced as he looked over the bodies. He pointed to one of his assistants he brought over. “Take care of the kid first, Nara can take a beating and hang on a while. She’s going to be a little complicated anyways. "
                The assistant busied himself by inserting packages of synthetic blood into Garrett's arms. Declan walked over to the kid to examine the extent of the damage. He could see no more than the three bullet holes across his chest, and an eerie smile plastered across the kid's face.
                "That’s a fuckin' creepy smile he's got there." Declan declared. "Alright, cut his shirt, we're going to need to get in there..."
                His instructions were interrupted by Nara, who violently awoke, gasping for air, struggling to sit up. Her eyes unfocused, mistrusting of her surroundings, she entered into a drunken state of alarm as the bewildered doctors stared at her in disbelief.
                “Fuck, sedate her!” Declan barked. "Nara, if you can hear me, I am going to need you to calm down."
                Blood seeped out of her shoulder as she grabbed onto one of the approaching assistants, who sank to his knees and shrieked as her fingers dug into his wrists. Declan took the opportunity to creep around, placing a computer chip like device with metal teeth onto her throat.
                She released her hold on the whimpering assistant as the needles of the device bit into her skin. She whirled around  and glared at Declan with a piercing gaze, her eyes alight with an unfamiliar fire. She grabbed onto his throat, which he in turn did the same with his mechanical arm. Locked in a stalemate, Nara's expression sent a chill down his spine, but he would be damned if he was about to show it.
                "Sit. The fuck. Down." He ordered. Upon hearing his voice, the light in her eyes shifted, as if she returned back to the plane of reality. He felt her grasp relax as she permitted him to lay her back on the bed, submitting to the drugs he had given her.
                He gently lifted her hand away from his throat and laid her arm next to her. The beast that had held him wasn't Nara, but he was relieved he was able to get her back. There wasn't a lot that could intimidate him anymore, but that look in her eyes just then disturbed him greatly.
                "‘Shit, let me take a look at you,” He whispered to her as he rubbed his throat. It turned out she was in worse shape than he initially thought. He looked over at his assistant who was bandaging his bleeding wrists. "You okay?"
                "Yeah, I'll be fine." He said as he continued wrapping. "Some grip, eh?"
                "Yeah," Declan said as he examined Nara. "Do what you can for the kid for now, this is going to take me a bit."
                He discovered she had a number of bullet holes and laser burns from her thighs to her waist. But what was more baffling was the electric burns across her skin, as well as the gigantic opening torn out of her shoulder.
                 “The hell is this?” He breathed aloud as he bent down closer to examine it. “Goddamn, it goes all the way down to the bone, as if her clavicle was used as a handle. The fuck could have done that?”
                Declan didn't notice the ghost white form of Cain, who had been lurking in the corner of the room since the two bodies were brought into Sentinel's medical bay. He silently edged forward to take a look at the injury.
                “Enforcers,” Cain declared, arms folded across his chest. Declan looked up at him, a smirk of disbelief scrawled across his lips.
                “The fuck would you know…”  Declan started, but was cut short by Cain's cold judgmental stare. “Right…you would know…” Declan finished, clearing his throat before he continued examining.
                "The hell did she manage to get away from a run-in with the enforcers?" One of the assistants asked.
                "I don't know. Hark said they were alone when the squad found them." Sentinel reported from the corner of the room. "It strikes me as very odd, they don't leave their quarry to be found."
                "I have a feeling this isn't the extent of the damage," Declan sighed as he raised the clear platform Nara was resting on. The thin sheet turned transparent, allowing Declan to look at her back clearly.
                Her back was a complete mess. Her armored plates had severe cracks that opened down to the flesh, seeping blood with the pressure of her body, and he noted severe bruising all over. He traced a square onto the glass to open up a viewport revealing an x-ray perspective of her inside. Her spine was intact and the other bones were  not fractured, but he had yet to see something she encountered that would cause her impressive structure to break. He traced a finger up into her head, and discovered a substantial bruise at the back, denoting impact damage from a fall.
                He traced his finger back to her back, and spotted three curious burn marks in a familiar pattern.
                “Oh, hello,” He commented as he stretched out his fingers. Through his glasses he saw a glowing orange ruler tool, which he used to measure the diameter of the burns. He walked over to Garrett and measured the location of his three holes. “Looks like somebody's playing bullet-catcher over here.”
                “What?”  Sentinel asked.
                “These holes came from the same source.  I doubt it was just crossfire, I’ve seen her several days ago keep this guy safe from experimentalists, I don’t think a couple of goons are much of a problem for her to keep him away from. This guy did it on purpose.”
                “Interesting.” Sentinel declared.

*** This is supposed to happen right after this section:

I am still undecided if I am going to put this scene inside the book. I think it is a nice interaction, but I'm not sure if it ultimately adds anything to the story.***
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