Friday, October 12, 2012

Nara Deleted scenes part 2

A drove of them were chasing her: black robed figures in heavy pursuit. The faster she ran, the closer they were. She tried to lose them in the city, using her knowledge of the streets to form a confusing maze in between the voracious hunters and her.
                She stumbled upon an unfamiliar section of town, and as she ran deeper, the buildings transformed into towering trees.  The overwhelming need to flee her pursuers drove her onward, oblivious to the changes around her.  A glade opened up in front of her and she darted for it, thinking it a place of safety. But she was stopped as a wall of hooded figures materialized before her in a cloud of ash. She was trapped between two uniform lines of the robed apparitions.
                She turned to one side to try and run beyond the line, but more figures emerged from the mist, boxing her inside the forest clearing. She kept herself in the center of the trap, maintaining as much distance as possible from the cloaked beings, fearful for what would happen to her next.
                Suddenly a familiar metallic zipping noise pierced the silence, as one of the cloaked figures behind her launched its hand. The clawed metal grabbed her by the shoulder, its barbs gripping onto her flesh.  The air was filled with systematic humming noises as each robed figure released talons of metal at her, each anchoring themselves firmly into her flesh and bones.
                She was caught in a spider web of metallic snakes, crying out as blood poured over each hand that had seized her. She tried to strain and tear them off, only to be filled with agony as the hands burrowed deeper into her flesh, her life steadily draining into the earth below.
                Through her anguish she questioned what they wanted from her, staring down each of the empty hooded figures in desperation. But the beings would not answer her demands.
                 And then, one by one, each creature retracted its weapon, tearing out muscle with each claw as metallic shrieks flooded the air. She screamed again as the sound of her flesh rending echoed between the barrier of figures. She looked down to see bone shining through her limbs.  As each claw tore itself from her, she was left a decimated skeleton standing with shreds of tissue clutching desperately at her form.
                Only one claw remained attached to her pitiful form.
                The last figure lashed its hand back, dragging her to her knees. She collapsed in an ever deepening pool of her own blood. She waited for the final strike, to feel the comfort of Death at last. But the bastard never arrived. As the creatures vanished, the last hooded figure remained and approached her paralyzed form.
                She struggled to glance at the creature who stood before her. He drew back his hood, revealing a familiar face. She gasped in fright as the world around her began to dissolve.
                Nara roared as she awoke, the walls shaking as she bellowed. Unsure of her surroundings, she discovered a shadowy creature leaning over her.  Though she was half awake, her instincts took hold and swung a mighty blow at the body in front of her. Her fists met the creature square in the chest, and she felt a few of its ribs crack under her fist.
                “Jesus, Nara, watch that.” The voice of Declan wheezed as he recoiled from the assault.
                “Sorry.” She said half earnestly as she sat up in the bed.
                “You’re a fucking mess.” He said as he walked back over to check on her injuries.
                “I’m fine.” She snapped.
                “Like hell. I’m going to check you out a bit and then you need to get back to sleep.” He persisted as he began to remove a bloodied bandage from her shoulder.
                “I said I'M FINE,” She swatted his hand away. Declan glared at her, clearly having had enough of her stubbornness.
                “Bitch you will go down or I will put you down.” He growled.  She grabbed him by the collar, bringing him an inch from her face, fangs bared.
                “You will leave me in peace or so help me I will destroy your world and everything around it, and when you have witness it burning in flames I will tear you limb from limb until the echoes of your screams haunt your loved ones in the afterlife.” She bellowed in her native language.
                Declan hid the look of startling fear in his eyes, but he knew it was Nara who was addressing him, not the creature he saw last night, and he never backed down to Nara's challenges. He stood frozen in her grasp, unsure of what he should do next.
                Sentinel was watching from the corner of the room. He saw the pain and distress on her face and decided to intervene before more blood was shed.
                “Declan!” Sentinel barked. “Leave her alone.”
                “Alright,” He said, slightly relieved to take the order. “I’ll just give you something to put your mind at ease then.”
                He slapped another chip like device onto her wrist. She loosened her grip of him, allowing him to walk over to Sentinel.
                “I have no idea what she just said to me, but I think I don’t like it.” Declan admitted.
                “Trust me, my friend, you do not want to know.” Sentinel said, patting him on the shoulder. "Now go take a walk, it's been a stressful night for all of us."
                "Yeah," Declan shook his head and left the room.
                Sentinel waited a few minutes before approaching Nara, who had her head in her hands, staring off into space with a troubling look across her face.
                "You alright?" Sentinel asked.
                "I'll be fine." She said, barely acknowledging the man in the room.
                "You want to talk about it?" He offered.
                "I..." She sighed. "I honestly don't know what just happened." She said. The images for her dream still haunted her. Who the hell was that last figure, she asked herself angrily. She was growing tired of her mind playing games with her.
                "It's alright." He assured.
                "How's the kid?" She changed the subject abruptly.
                "In a much better condition than you, I must say." He reported. She grunted in agreement.
                "It started off as a group of hunters." She shook her head. "And that idiot decided to play heroics on me."
                "I see." He leaned against the wall next to her, listening intently on her words.
                "Enforcers obviously smelled the fight and went to investigate. After that, it's kind of  blur. I have no idea why they let us go. Did something weird to the kid too."
                "Yes, he hasn't stopped smiling since he arrived. It's kind of disturbing the boys." Sentinel reported. Nara raised an eyebrow of concern. "But you're safe now, and that's all that matters. You should try and get some sleep."
                "I don't need any. I'd prefer to stay awake." Nara shook her head firmly.
                "Is there something wrong?" He was worried about her, but he knew better than to push her too hard. She had a habit of forming a shell around herself as a defense mechanism, but he had to constantly remind her it was safe to relax in his haven.
                "I....can't sleep. That's all." She said. Sentinel nodded in understanding.
                "Just make sure you take care of yourself. I know that's a tall order from you, but please do it for me." He requested.
                "Thank you. I can only try." She sighed as she leaned back into the pillow.
                "I must go now. Shout if you need anything."
                "Alcohol. And lots of it." She pointed at the air.
                "That's not a healthy way to treat your insomnia, my dear." He chastised.
                "I know." She frowned in disappointment.
                "I'll see what we have in stores." He offered as he started to turn away from her. Her expression suddenly changed.
                “I have been at war for nearly a century,” She started, switching to her native voice again. “I have cut down waves of scoundrels and singlehandedly decimated armies. I have been against all odds every day of my life. But this was the first time I thought I wasn’t going to walk away. I thought I saw my end, or worse, I thought I would wake up inside a test chamber, screaming for death to claim me.”
                “Fear meets all of us eventually,” Sentinel said. “Everyone’s breaking point is different, but they have them all the same.”
                "It is a new experience to me, I will admit." Her eyes softened by hearing his voice. "Thank you, Serr'Maht. For everything." 
                "You know it was nothing. I'm just glad you called." He told her. She nodded in agreement. A thought went past her mind as Sentinel turned once again to leave the room.
                "The kid's alright, you know?" She declared.
                "I think so too." Sentinel agreed and walked away.
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