Friday, October 19, 2012

Through the Eyes of the Tank

***NOTE: this is NOT my typical writing style, I am just playing with an exercise in perspectives. This snippet is taking place parallel through this section,
read that first, then you can appreciate the story better. This is written in the perspective of the giant brutish flesh golem thing. I don't even know...enjoy it for what it is...***

Big brother let us go with him for a walk today. He told us we would go for a hunt, and then he would buy us ice cream after. I like ice cream. I like chocolate and I like sprinkles. I hope he lets me get sprinkles.

I asked him if I could bring Sparky with us and he said yes. He said that he had to hold his leash because I might let him go, then we would lose him and he would never come home again. I said I won't ever let him go, but he said it would be better if I watch for people to play with on our hunt. I said ok then we went to get Mr. Pointy from the special glowy rooms in the basement. Mr. Pointy looked really happy to see Big Brother.
Big brother took out his big gun stick and filled it with the green stuff today. I like the green stuff the best I think it tastes like pudding. The blue stuff is good too and I like it but green is my favorite.

Then we went outside and the purple clouds were crying. It is not nice but I like it when the clouds cry. Then there are puddles for me to play in. I asked Big Brother why the clouds were crying and he just said because there are people out here that aren't perfect. I didn't know what he meant so I asked him if I was perfect and he said yes and smiled. Maybe we will see people who aren't perfect today. I wonder what they look like.
We walked down streets and I saw a little fluffy rat. He had white spots. I tried to catch him but he was scared and ran away. I wish he would let me pick him up. I would play with him and feed him. Big brother says I'm not ready for that responsibility yet, but I keep telling him that I can take care of him.

Big brother told me to be quiet, then we saw two weird looking men walking at us. I asked him who they were and big brother said they were not perfect. I asked him if we could help them to be perfect and he said yes. He told me to stand back and watch the men. The two men looked funny. One was a little one and he dressed funny. The other was a great big man who was red and had shiny ears. He was not as big as me though.

Sparky wanted to play with the little man hiding behind the big red man, but Big Brother wasn't going to let him go. he made such loud noises.

Then the big mean red man with shiny ears pointed a gunstick at Big brother, and it went BOOM, it made Big Brother fall down and go to sleep. Sparky ran off to the little squeaky man. I tried to catch him, but the big red man pointed another gunstick at him. I heard another boom, then Sparky fell down too.

I tried to talk to big brother, but he wouldn't say anything to me. I looked over to Sparky and saw he didn't move either. The big mean red man killed him. I cried and I cried. Mr. Pointy was mad too.

I am mad. I will scare away the bad man for hurting Sparky and Big brother.
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