Thursday, November 29, 2012

Character Profiles: Annon Nethylis

Annon Nethylis is one of those individuals that doesn’t fit in anywhere, but is really, really good at faking it.
Born of an influential family, he was blessed with the best upbringing and education available to anyone who could afford it. He had a knack for diplomacy and wordweaving, effortlessly finding himself inside even the most exclusive inner circles of Upper. But even he needed a break from the constant stuffy air proper manners that clouded the environment.
And so he found himself in the Underground, staring down the barrel of a gun. But instead of ending up with a few extra holes, he managed to make his attacker reassess his life choices, and gave him more profitable routes to pursue. He was then introduced to the thug’s establishment, a small den of thieves led by a rather foolish crime lord. After a nonviolent coup d’├ętat, he managed control over the group, teaching them better ways to manage resources and to choose their targets wisely. His fixation over precision and control led the thugs to be one of the fastest growing gangs in Under, even rivaling one of the more prominent feudal lords.
But he didn’t feel the life of crime suited him either, so he gave back power to the previous lord, under the condition that he take care of it the way he had. Annon then established a mercenary agency, managing to get the most lucrative clientele with his silver tongue. Building an office from the ground up, he had finally found a place where he could call home, living by his own rules, making sure everything is in its proper place.  And he expects no less from the mercs working for him.

Physical Appearance:

                Even though face-to-face encounters between him and clients are extremely rare, he still dresses like a suave businessman from Upper. His long white-blonde hair is slicked neatly back, styled like a typical nobleman. It is rare for him not to wear a frown, or as Nara refers to it, “An expression that always states ‘why yes, as a matter of fact, I DO have a stick up my ass.” He prefers to stick with the more natural appearances of the Uppercity dwellers, and only removing the essential imperfections that would be considered unphotogenic. His eye color has been altered as well from a sullen brown to a more alluring ice blue.

Nara and Annon:

                Nara has a certain quiet respect for Annon, through his obsession with tidiness and time, she has seen a side of him rarely shown to others.
                She was a short distance away from his main office when she was approached by a group of bounty hunters with intent on claiming her head. They were at the witty banter and snide insults of the engagement when all of a sudden, one of the hunter’s chest exploded, leaving him slumped in a messy pile on the concrete.
                From behind her emerged a dapper looking Annon, pointing a smoking, high-powered explosive contact rifle at the attackers. His eyes burned with a deranged light as he glared at the hunters with an unhinged rage. As he cocked the rifle once more he snarled:
                “Don’t you DARE fuck with my clients!” And immediately shot another hunter, his eye twitching in anger. The remaining assault party fled, and Annon walked casually back to his office with the giant gun slung over his shoulder, as if his actions were nothing more than sifting through an irritating pile of paperwork.
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