Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Character Profiles: Artemis DuFreyne

Artemis DuFreyne is the modern equivalent of a hermetic shaman. Holed up in his wired entangled fortress deep inside the fringe, Art is the go-to man for whenever you want your warranties voided. He can play with anything and everything from computers, to armor, guns, and even personal identification discs. If he hasn’t seen it before, which is not often, it takes him nanoseconds to pull it apart and figure out how it works.

Many would describe him as eccentric, but more along the obsessively curious spectrum, as opposed to the flat out crazy. He is a geek incarnate, dissecting and rebuilding whatever bits of technology he can get his scrawny hands on. Though awkward, he is a friendly and sociable guy, and does receive quite a bit of contact from the outside world. His primary business contacts, apart from his customers, are the scavengers he hires to prowl around the ruins for free tech, as well as scour the markets for an interesting deal.

Art grew up as a street rat scavenger, running errands and selling tech to anyone who would buy. He eventually discovered he had a knack for reverse engineering, and eventually found himself as an apprentice in an underground biotech workshop. He eventually expanded his master’s business to deal in arms, armor, and information systems. Years later, he took over the business when his master died running an errand in the streets of the Fringe.

Physical Appearance:

Beneath a web of wires he usually has strewn about his person from the current, or several previous, projects he has been working on, lives a rather gaunt human. He wears a set of coveralls littered with pockets, and each bursting full of tools or electronic parts hanging haphazardly all over. His shaggy black hair is kept in check by a wide brimmed hat, and his bright green eyes always have a distracted expression as he looks at the world through highly advanced augmented reality glasses he built himself.

Art and Nara:

Art is just another merchant Nara goes to when she needs something special to help in her infiltration. He has pretty much modified every single bit of equipment she owns, as well as designed a few custom trinkets to serve her purposes, like the mechanical bugs she carries around with her. Nara has grown to depend on the man, because despite his quirks, he is one of the most trustworthy businessmen in Under.

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