Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Character Profiles: Baran

                Baran is the right hand man of Antonin Galavantier, the proverbial “iron fist” behind the velvet glove, though what this means remains a mystery to Garrett. He is the Chief Security officer of the Galavantier corporation, but his duties are vast and varied. While not watching over operations in the household or in the office buildings, Baran is traveling with Mr. Galavantier on his business trips.

                 Not much is known about his past, and Garrett has tried many times in vain to extract that information. His surname is not even known to anyone.  All Garrett is able to infer is that Baran knows how to use a gun, but where he learned his skills remains a mystery to him.

Physical Appearance:

                Baran stands at about 6’ 4,” and has an odd sense of charismatic leadership about him, which is most likely why he was hired by Galavantier in the first place. His lively, short cropped brown hair frames his serious face charmingly. He has a constant expression of no-nonsense, staring deep into a person with deep blue eyes that subliminally demand respect.

                Around the house he wears the formal fashion for the serving class, but on his travels with Antonin, he has been known to wear a suit similar to the Upper echelons, giving a rather odd implication of his relationship with the megacorp head.

Baran and Garrett:

                Baran plays a double role as Garrett’s keeper, making sure he is kept safe, protecting Antonin’s assets. This is of course a challenge as he is the one who hides Garrett’s escapades into the Undercity from his father, giving him an impressive balancing act between his employer’s confidence, and his feelings for Garrett.

                Baran has pretty much single-handedly raised Garrett, as his parents couldn’t be bothered with the task. Though he doesn’t show it, Baran has certain loyalties to the young Galavantier, and he hates seeing Garrett miserable with his current station and his future.

                Baran is a very calm and collected man, ad he is never seen to express his true feelings of discomfort to anyone but Garrett, and even then only to a small degree.
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