Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Character Profiles: Declan

                A prodigy of both modern medicine and biotechnology, Declan Alsbury was guaranteed to have a promising career in the most prominent hospitals of Upper. Though successful, he found it to be a life of drudgery, and boredom. He was an influential member in an establishment where the most severe crises was a case of dehydration from a patient’s night of partying.

                Fed up with the waste of his talents, he set up shop in a shifty corner of the Undercity, where he could do good patching up the misfortunate, and be challenged by the bloodied mercenary that managed to crawl into his office. If you could get past his rough character and temper, he let you walk out the room with a minimal fee. He may even give you a discount if you didn’t cry.

                Life was enjoyable for him, until he and his wife and child were attacked by a rogue band of Experimentalists. They were cornered in an alleyway, and as he tried to defend themselves, he was unable to protect them as they perished a gruesome death. He managed to flee, but was injured in the fight. Not taking any chances, he hacked off his wounded arm with a blade before staggering back to his office.

                He built himself a replacement limb, all the while swearing vengeance upon the creatures that shattered his world. He has then devoted his time gathering a band of hybrid researchers and soldiers to scour the Undercity for straggling groups of Experimentalists, as well as publicly offering mercenaries a hefty bounty for useable specimens. He devotes all of his time in developing curatives to the Experimentalist’s transforming toxins, and funds his operation by maintaining an additional private office in the Uppercity, making the snub nosed blue bloods involuntarily do something worthwhile in their shallow lives.

Physical Appearance:

                Declan has the scholarly appearance about him, which completely fools observers once he opens his mouth to spew forth curses and tirades. He stands about 5’ 11” and wears a constant tired expression on his face. His black curly hair is neatly trimmed at ear length, and his focused, natural brown eyes stare through glasses utilizing augmented reality. He is often spotted amplifying his pensive stares by stroking his immaculate goatee with his artificial arm.

Though his first prototype was utilitarian, his latest model of cybernetic arm displays a bit of vanity, made of a sleek gunmetal chrome, and well suited with hypersensitive artificial nerves allowing him to perform delicate surgery.

Declan and Nara:

                Nara has a most unusual relationship with Declan. She is one of his primary sources for specimens, but she absolutely refuses to take payment from him. Though he has explained to her many times, in the most colorful of language, that he is not a charity, Nara still maintains her stubborn rejection of income. This game often results in shouting matches, and sometimes even fist fights, leaving the cleanup crew to pull them off of each other after their work has finished.

Declan also serves as the primary go-to guy for Sentinel’s injured. Because of this, if Nara ended up in Sentinel’s med bay, Declan is usually the first face she sees, which almost always leads to more confrontation.
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