Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Character Profiles: Garrett Galavantier

Born in one of the most fortunate and influential families of the Uppercity, the young Galavantier is heir to the megacorporation held in his father’s tight grasp. His education has been finely tuned to mold Garrett into the ideal businessman, but he has no interest in fulfilling his destiny as overlord. He absolutely loathes the Upper City life, having to wear a mask every day in order to impress the optimal of society.

His main interest lies in galactic anthropology, and hopes someday to leave the planet to explore other cultures. His hobbies include researching ancient civilizations, and trading artifacts across an interstellar market. His ingrained business sense had given him an advantage, and he is rather successful at what he does. If he were not chained to the high society life, he would be able to make a living on his own easily.

What Nara considers naïveté, Garrett marks down to inexperience. He is incredibly intelligent and crafty for an Uppercity dweller, mostly due to having to hide his escapades into the Underground from his father, and anyone else who might cause him trouble.

Physical Appearance:

Garrett is lucky in the sense that he was born with ideal genetics without the use of cosmetic alteration. He abhors other people’s dependency for it, however. He stands about 6’ 6,’’ and has a bit of a noble air about his features, like a stereotypical Prince Charming. Frequently performing parkour in the Undercity’s ruins has also done a bit of a marvel to his physical condition. His chestnut hair and deep emerald eyes enchants many a suitor, all of which he rejects as promptly as he can, as he has no interest in playing the games of the Uppercity.

Nara and Garrett

Garrett has managed to create an employer relationship with Nara, by hiring her as a pseudo-bodyguard to guide him around the Undercity.....when it suits her.

He is absolutely fascinated with Nara, the first outsider he has ever made friendly terms with, or at least as friendly as Nara is capable of showing.

Garrett tries to keep his relationship with Nara professional, but he often lets his curiosity get him into trouble with her temper. Because of this, he keeps his surname away from her, and as she has a heavily reinforced respect for employer’s anonymity that she doesn’t press the issue too hard. Even though she would never admit it, and he pays great amounts of money for her upkeep, Garrett considers Nara a friend.
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