Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Character Profiles: Matteus

                Despite all the wondrous fantasies cosmetic alteration the Upworlders can indulge in, Matteus Il’Kalut is actually a member of a foreign race, rather than a genetically tailored human. His  people is composed entirely of artisans, with a marvelous thriving culture. Their home planet is sparsely inhabited, as all members are encouraged to explore the universe, seeking out their true calling while making a living for themselves.

                Matteus found his muse in the art of the flesh, studying body art techniques from his many travels, including the etching and gilding techniques used on Nara’s arms. He finally established a place of his own in the Undercity, where he can connect with his clientele as they tell him their desires. To him, the act of adornment reflects a deep personal story of each individual, and he is proud to become a part of another individual’s life.

                He offers a place of tranquility amid the chaos and destruction of the Undercity, the d├ęcor of his abode appears as if transplanted from a place that knows no war, only spiritual progression. And if you are willing to listen, he might even engage in intellectual discussion, covering topics from philosophy and literature.

Physical Appearance:

                First impressions are often deceptive, as at first sight, Matteus looks like an angry member of a biker gang with a low tolerance for bullshit. But in reality, he is a very gentle and soft-spoken individual. He stands about 6’5” with a sky blue skin tone, but the majority of his body is covered in inkwork from the various cultures he has visited and studied from. He dresses very casually in baggy clothing, and his face is round in shape with a well-trimmed goatee. Whenever he is not busy in the shop, he can be seen reading a book through thick black framed glasses, which are cosmetic rather than functional. His constant pensive expression in his bright violet eyes almost make it difficult to disturb his train of thought. But the most distinguishing feature of his race is the coil of pearly white horns, resembling ram’s, resting at the sides of his bald head.
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