Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Character Profiles: Sentinel

Sentinel’s true name and origins remain a mystery. He is in control of the most powerful mercenary band on Arcadia, and most likely the galaxy as well. Even the far reach of Galavantier stays clear of his heavily armed dominion.

His followers are the most fiercely loyal band of brigands in the Undercity. Each member of his band has some personal story about how Sentinel took them into his arms. He uses unflappable respect and eternal patience in order to influence even the most uncouth members of his band.

His charitable demeanor baffles many, while others question his motivation. Some can agree that he is simply the helpful person, who likes to share an ear for those less fortunate. Others still refuse to grasp the concept of a businessman who does not cut throats to get the better end of a deal. But the members of his organization all agree: he is the one you want covering your back.

He travels constantly, most likely to conduct his business at his other bases of operation spanning across the galaxy. No one is ever told where or when he moves, and he teaches his lieutenants how to lead in a similar manner to his own.

Physical appearance:

                Sentinel stands about 6’ 7 and has a fatherly aura about him. He is of dark cocoa complexion, and his warm, welcoming features are framed with a tidy cascade of microbraids ending at the collarbone, each capped off with a silver bead. His bright, golden augmented eyes give off a feeling of assurance, as if the man will always listen intently on what you have to say.

                He sports the most common of Undercity apparel: black leather trench coat, combat boots, and black pants with quite a few pockets. The casual observer might conclude that the man carries very little armaments, but those who are familiar with him know better.

Sentinel and Nara:

                Sentinel was the one who took Nara in after she came to Arcadia, giving her a new lifestyle with her current skills. He is the only person she has ever warmed up to since her exile, though Garrett is a close second. He knows her native language from trading contacts, and often converses with her when she is having troubles. His patience serves him well as he slowly teaches Nara to regain trust in the world, and she lets herself confide in him as she tries to figure out her own place in the galaxy.
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