Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Character Profiles: Vausaureth Cain

Vausaureth Cain, simply known to “Cain” by anyone who has heard of him, is the product of a retired experiment of the biotech corporation Chryansa Labs, established in a different solar system than the one Arcadia resides. His actual name is Subject Gilgamesh, after the project’s name. Cain was given that name by the assistant lab tech that was working under his creator, and was responsible for showing him the capacity of his sentience.

        Project Gilgamesh was intended to build super soldiers to rival current law enforcement of both droid and organic in nature. But after sixteen years of visceral experimentation and forced cybernetic augmentation, Cain had eventually escaped his confinement, but not without some permanent damage in his equipment, as well as his mind. Project Gilgamesh was considered a failure after his breakout, and the doctor discharged from service. His whereabouts are currently unknown to Cain.

Cain is also another one of Sentinel’s children, and he is often seen at his various bases, free to come and go as he pleases. He takes missions from Sentinel from time to time, but always avoids any offers he receives that require him to make contact with biotech companies, which is only to be expected from someone who had to endure his past.

      Due to his underdeveloped social skills, he is a very quiet and reserved individual, and has no tolerance for humor. But he is an honest and fiercely loyal being, should one somehow manage to get past his defenses.

Physical Appearance:

Cain looks like a bringer of Death. At almost seven feet in height, he has a massive stature that sends a chill to unsuspecting individual. His pale translucent white skin is strewn with a web of black veins. His disheveled black hair amplified the constant disturbed gaze emanating from his augmented eyes, which are a marvel of their own. His right radiates the most enchanting ocean blue, while his left burns a fierce shade of red. While seeing him smile is a rare sight, most wish they had never witnessed the vicious fangs of pearly white metal leering at them from his mouth.

Cain and Nara:

      These two mercenaries have a unique relationship, both business and personal. Many a time these two have been assigned to the same task, by different employers. They have established a sporting, yet violent game of keep-a-way, which often leads to a lot of collateral damage. Eventually, they take turns giving up the quarry, as killing each other would only make the crime lords happy.

     While Nara has not experienced as dramatic of a trauma as him, her past has led her to discover certain similarities between them. Because of his damaged cybernetics, he suffers from similar disturbing dreams whenever he manages to fall asleep. They share a similar worldview, and she is one of the few that has managed to get close to him.

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