Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Faction Profile: Experimentalists

                The experimentalists hold the status of vermin to anyone in Under, and only a whisper of rumor to those in Upper. They prey upon unsuspecting wanderers in small hunting parties, usually led by one altered scientist and a group of horrid abominations they call minions.

                They use a terrifying arsenal of chemical, biological, and radioactive weaponry to overthrow their quarry, and if they don’t melt into a puddle of goo from the first onslaught, they try their custom brewed mutagens to alter them. If only bits remain intact, they collect them and use them for flesh grafting projects to create more minions. Either way, it’s a losing situation for the victim.

                The minions can take shape in many forms, from golems made from pieces of other creatures, not always human, to walking tumors with ferocious strength but little intelligence. There are also unique beasts that take new properties altogether, mimicking weaponry with a metal-like exoskeleton. Even though the processes are the same, each creature is unique due to the chaotic nature of substances used in creation.

                Its exact establishment is unknown, but many agree it started with a group of rouge doctors and unhinged scientists, unbound by the chains of morality. While many of the most flourishing biotech companies are guilty of creating abominations and other crimes against humanity, the Experimentalists are chaotic, inflicting horrors upon passersby without any evidence of reason, or scientific method. They simply shoot, and watch to see what happens as their victim writhes in agony in front of them. If the victim manages to survive, its mind is altered and then joins the ranks as a new minion.

                Though other groups have been uncovered on other planets, they are not nearly as organized or as large as the one on Arcadia. Their numbers are uncertain, but many facilities dedicated to producing more minions as well as mutagens can be found scattered about the Fringe. Many mercenaries have been hired as cleanup crews to search and destroy these places, but very few are willing to risk their lives and sanity, despite the lucrative pay.
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