Friday, November 9, 2012

Musical Inspirations: Hide and Seek

“Greetings, and welcome, Traveler. How may I help” The monk greeted.

“I am looking for someone, a foreigner,” The man, dressed in a sharp suit, responded warmly.

“A friend of his?” The monk inquired cheerfully.

“You could say that.”

“I see. Please come with me.” He replied with a slightly wary tone. He ushered the stranger into the main garden.

The temple itself was a magnificent structure; a perfect harmony between Man and Nature, with her vines wrapping tenderly around hand carved stone.  The etchings were made around the greenery, intricate designs cut inside the gaps the vines formed, implying the structure had been there for centuries.

The pebbled path the visitor was led through gently sloped and turned, allowing the traveler to soak up the tranquil atmosphere. It was as if the path itself was conducting the journey, guiding wanderers to a self-reflective adventure. The monk gestured the visitor to a simple stone archway, and he waited for the man to cross before following closely behind.

The garden was an enrapturing visage. Patterns of greenery were dotted by bold exotic flowers of pinks, oranges, and purples bursting with color like living fireworks.  The area was plotted out by a giant smoothed out stone serving as the floor, the statues and pillars surrounding it, forming its boundary. Vines of tiny bells draped across pillars and a murmuring stream bordered the central stone. There was no ceiling to interfere with the sky, cascading welcoming sunlight below. At the far side rested a small pond, with a rainbow of tiny fish dancing playfully beneath the surface, gently rocked by a stone waterfall, creating delicate ripples as it descended.

      A ghostly pale man sat on the edge of a stone platform, surrounded by a flock of children, all huddled closely, some even clambering on top of the man, eagerly watching the toy he was playing with.
He was holding out a small holoprojector, and he was choreographing a show through tiny controls at his fingertips. Above the device showed a graceful flight of a magnificent bird, its feathers a rainbow of colors, swooping above treetops. It was soon joined by four other birds, all looping in the air in perfect harmony. Amid the spirited laughter and shining faces, the visitor witnessed the man with a smile casually draped across his battleworn face: a marvel in itself and extremely rare occurrence.

 The man’s smile disappeared upon setting eyes on the intruder.

Mulśwa’rii, A visitor.” The monk announced. Seeing the severity of the pale man’s face, he ushered the children away from the garden to leave the men to talk in private.

“I didn’t know you were good with children, Cain.” The man smiled.

“What are you doing here, Sebastian?” He said sternly as the birds vanished from the air, the lights emitting from the device shut off.

“Well, hello to you too." The man scoffed. "I came by to visit, and I must say it is nice to see you again.”

“I’d say ‘I wish I could return the sentiment,’ but I would be lying. I’ll ask you again, what are you doing here?”

“I’d rather think it was obvious.” Sebastian cocked his hat away from his eyes. “Though I must say, it is rather surprising to find you in a place like this.”

“Perhaps it is because I do not wish to be found.” Cain snapped as he pocketed the device.

“Oh come now, Cain, you of all people should know you don’t belong in a world like this. There’s far too much blood on your hands. What could you possibly offer them?”

“I labor in the fields, as well as trade their goods for them. Medicine is often an easy target for marauders. In exchange, they help me find clarity.” The pale man said plainly.

“Really? You must be kidding yourself.” Sebastian ignored his venomous glare. “Do they know who you really are? What you were doing before you came to them?”

“Of course. You can’t ask for the help of others without being honest first.”

“I see.” Sebastian said. Cain began to walk along the garden path, assuming the intruder would follow along. “It is lovely out here, you picked a splendid place to play refugee.”

“It was. Until you showed up.” Cain sighed. “I supposed it was only a matter of time before I was discovered again.”

“You can’t run away forever.”

“No, but I can run pretty damn far.”

“You aren't meant for the quiet life. Fighting is ingrained, and dare I say, programmed into you.” Sebastian gave him a wry smile.

Cain suddenly ground his heels into the earth, turning around to face the challenger with gritted teeth. Sebastian was not a short man, but Cain easily cast a towering shadow over him. Though difficult, Sebastian managed to keep his cool and lock eyes with him, closing his fists to hide the shaking.

“Leave.” Cain growled softly, as to not alarm potential observers.

“I was merely pointing out…” Sebastian started, but was cut off by a flash of Cain’s odd augmented eyes.

“Now.” He barked, causing Sebastian to jump slightly.

“Hmm,” Sebastian cleared his throat. “Very well. I will bid you a good day. I may return, I may not. But I can assure you, there will be others. And you will wish you had listened to my offer. For their sake.” He nodded towards the village on top of the hill.

“Is that a threat?” Cain glowered.

“It is a reality. You have choices, my dear friend.”

“Get. Out.”

Sebastian tipped his hat to Cain and walked off into the hangar.

*** My last musical inspiration was pretty popular, so I decided to do another. I had two other plots going around in my head, and this one randomly stopped by, being the most completed of ideas.

And before you ask, Mulśwa’rii is a made up word. I apologize to any cultures if this means something along the lines of "tell your ma, dad,sister, girlfriend, neighbor I said thanks" Or "You smell and your nose resembles a trapezoid." It was not my intention to use it in this manner as you can see from the context of this work.

Cain is a very interesting character. He is actually one of my first fleshed out concepts, and I intend on writing a book about him later. I didn't know how people would react to him, and his past is rather gruesome, so I decided to start off with Nara instead.

Anyhow, I am trying to flesh out more of Sleepless Flame for your enjoyment. Next week I will do two concepts, as well as another small fiction. Enjoy! ***

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