Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Setting Profiles: Arcadia

Arcadia is the name of the world encompassing the first book of Sleepless Flame. The defining, and only, feature of civilization is the capital city. Since no one has ever crossed the borders on the fringes of the world, the inhabitants have never bothered to refer to the city itself as anything else. When you go to Arcadia, you are going to the city.

The rest of the planet is featureless and devoid of life, most likely as a result of centuries of resource harvest abuse. The city itself is composed of megascrapers that span upper atmospheric levels of the planet, as well as bore deep into the crust for stability. The inhabitants are divided into two factions, aptly named the Uppercity, and Undercity. The division is marked by an eternal purple cloud known as the Haze. Its origins are unknown, but the most accepted theory is that it formed as a result of pollution, and the residents of the Uppercity kept building higher in order to evade its rising.

The Upper and Undercity are two completely opposite worlds: one the pinnacle of luxury combined with technology, and the other a desolate wasteland, inhabited by the unfortunate and the criminal hierarchy. With the unsteady peace that has formed between the two worlds, visitors from each are allowed to cross the Haze with the use of giant automated elevators. The most common method for an Undercity dweller to travel is from the use of public elevators, provided they can afford the passes. But the most fortunate of the Uppercity echelon have personal elevators built right into their sky-groping homes.

Arcadia does not have a central government system, rather the control is shared over five of the largest Megacorporations, Galavantier Corp being arguably the largest, and each is fighting an invisible war to gain more influence. The police forces are sponsored by each of the corporations, their jurisdiction determined by mini treaties or business agreements established by the companies.

Their reach does not travel far beyond the public elevators of the Undercity, a condition made by the treaties established. Down below, there is a sort of chaotic anarchy, but many crime lords have taken power, maintaining strongholds in a semi-feudal system.

More details can be found in the profiles dedicated to the Upercity and Undercity
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