Monday, November 19, 2012

Setting Profiles: Undercity

                At the crusty, calloused feet of the Uppercity’s daunting structures reside the tattered remains of civilization known as Undercity. A polar opposite of the decadence above, an individual born there may live their entire life not ever seeing the sun. It frequently rains, courtesy of the chronic condensation of the Haze. Though not caustic, it is highly recommended to avoid drinking the water the haze sheds.

                It is home to the most forward and thriving crime culture of the planet. There is a certain darkened charm when one can openly establish a trade of ne’er-do-wells; it has a certain integrity that cannot be found in Upper. The corporate police hold no jurisdiction here, apart from the minute boundaries of the public elevators. The most successful businesses, bars and brothels, can be found in close proximity to the public elevators, giving Uppercity “tourists” a less dangerous route to fulfill their vices.

                The majority of businesses and civilization is settled along the traveling market caravan routes. Outside this, a great distance away, can be found all the “dirty little secrets” reputable companies of the Upper don’t want the public to stumble upon. But with a little digging, one can find a whole treasure trove of filth, especially to the right buyer, as information is Under’s prime commodity.

                Beyond this lies the Fringe, a desolate place of ruins covered in a deathly quiet. Undercity dwellers know of the best dealers that reside inside the Fringe, and there are few who travel the distance to reap the rewards. There are many dangers that lurk inside this jagged tranquility, beings such as the Experimentalist hordes or the Enforcer specters that roam the cracked pavement. But it is the best place to avoid politics and social obligation, which is exactly why Nara has chosen prime real estate to settle in.

                The Undercity is not home to just criminals and the corrupt, many individuals who are simply down on their luck, and can’t afford a ride on a starship, make do in squalor. They take jobs ranging from package couriers, escorts, and the ones with fighting capability, mercenaries and bodyguards. Some even make jobs as bar hands or maintaining other businesses that thrive in Under. One of the more lucrative and equally dangerous jobs includes scavenging in the Fringe for old valuables and supplies inside the ruins.

People manage to survive how they can, as there is an extreme social stigma against beggars in Under. The corporate police do their job to make sure the elevators “stay clean.” And panhandlers tend to rally up enmity to the rest of the Undercity, who all agree “Everyone else has a shit life, why do you get to sit still and wait for a handout?”

As with any territory, Undercity has its pros and cons. You can keep your mind, but leave your money at the gate.
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