Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Character Profiles: Bellanar nesh Dru’umalech

Bellanar nesh Dru’umalech is a young Ara’yulthr scribe with a deeply rooted love for his people and his planet. He has wisdom beyond his years, and a fierce passion that compels him to protect his environment.

Like all youth who have come of age, Bellanar was sent into training as a soldier. But barely a few years later, his superiors and watchers from the other councils noticed his talents. Because of his resilience and attention to detail, he was one of the few selected to join the ranks of scribes and historians set with the task of preserving history. Though his time spent on the battlefield was short lived, he is no less a capable warrior than the rest of his kindred.

Physical Appearance:

If Nara is at the above average scale in her species, Bellanar is the extreme on the opposite side of the spectrum. Though his frame is finer and his complexion brighter, his strong facial structure warns foreigners that he is not to be taken lightly. His bright lime green eyes always cast a severe worried expression, as if the world around him is in constant danger of falling down around him. Like many of the Ara’yulthr, he doesn’t fret over his appearances, and wears his long black hair loosely, but the more troublesome sections are restrained in a loose tie on the back of his head. Though he is young, he sports the shadow of facial hair commonly displayed by the elders, amplifying his lack of concern over frivolous matters.

Nara and Bellanar:

Back at home, Nara had frequently encountered Bellanar in the libraries, but had never come to know him as a person, much less a friendly contact. He was often pestering the chief scribes about organizations and backups of rare tomes at the same time she sought council from them.

Now, he somehow managed to track her down on Arcadia, and desperately wants her to come back. Despite her opinion of her people, he still attempts to convince her that she is needed and welcome back home. His presence is one of the biggest thorns in her side.

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