Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Character Profiles: "Blondie"

His real name is Sebastian Kelrin, but he doesn’t disclose the information if he doesn’t have to. He is Galavantier’s blade in the dark, his eyes and ears in the Undercity. Whenever Galavantier has a problem, he sends Sebastian and his horde of muscle.

Though capable of causing considerable damage in a fight, he is rarely seen to ever lift a finger actin in violence: he lets his army of grunts take care of that. He can be described as cocky and overconfident when he approaches his marked targets, but that doesn’t stop him from fleeing the battle scene if events suddenly turn for the worst, leaving his men in the fray.

Physical Appearance:

                Perhaps the most distinguishing feature causing Nara to identify him is the long, well-kept blond ponytail hanging just at his shoulder blades. His scrawny build and rat-face which wears a constant shit eating grin can cause anyone in the same room to make an attempt to punch him out. He wears high fashion suits and grunts for accessories, usually on each side of him. Though they are well hidden, he has cybernetic upgrades inside, manly geared towards speed, reaction time, and a steady aim.

Sebastian and Nara:

                Nara has no care or concern for the well-being of this individual, and least of all concerned about what to call him.  He is perhaps one of the biggest thorns in her side, being Galavantier’s pet gopher whenever he decides to show his face to her.  A lot of her contracts have led to damaging the Galavantier Corp both directly and indirectly, so she sees a lot of this man’s weasel face. She would gladly smash his face into the nearest piece of furniture, but fate seems to interfere with every opportunity she gains.
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