Monday, December 10, 2012

Character Profiles: Cordelia Vaylenuran

Cordelia Vaylenuran is the heiress to Vaylenuran systems, specializing in neural netways and augmented reality, vital for the creation of artificial nervous systems and cybernetics involving brain implants.

Her father is more of the scientific type, rather than the business entrepreneur, so he spends his time in the research and development department of his company. Therefore it has been left to Cordelia to maintain and control the corporation’s influence, and she does a frightfully good job at it.

With an educational background in Psychology, she knows the tricks of the trade to manipulate, as well as make a person tick. She wears a collection of masks to tell you exactly what you want to hear, and has a voice of honey to make you believe whatever she says is true.

Physical Appearance:

She possesses an aura of charm and grace about her as she slips easily between social circles. A barely blossomed adult, she is always seen dressed in the trendiest fashions of the youth. She casts a warm smile as delicate cascades of chocolate waves frame her trim face.

Vaylenuran technology has granted her with one of the most luxurious augmentation features available: her eyes. The Enchantress v.3 ocular enhancement grants her the ability to shift her eyes to any color in the visible spectrum, just by willing it with her mind. It was a gift from her father for her 16th birthday.

Cordelia and Garrett:

Cordelia wants Garrett, and he knows it is not for his good looks and personality. She wants to control him and his organization, wrapping it tightly around her slender fingers. But being more of a worldly educated individual, he is clearly able to see though her fa├žades and maintain an arm’s length of distance. But she is a ruthless individual, and his family is not much of a help either, having their eyes set on using him for the perfect business merger.

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