Saturday, December 22, 2012

Character Profiles: Hark Sorenson

         Hark Sorenson is the second in command of Sentinel's outpost on Arcadia. When Sentinel is off world attending to business elsewhere, Hark is the one calling all the shots.

Before he met Sentinel, Hark was the leader of a band of vigilantes combing the streets for gangs picking on weak targets. One night, they raided a black market organ harvesting cartel, but the fight went south quickly as the bandits called their friends in higher places. It turned out this group was under the protection of the Amarand Biotech Corp, and they were more than happy to provide assistance to their investments.

Ordering his men to retreat, he was the last to leave as he provided covering fire. A lucky shot in the chest brought him down, and that was the last of that night he remembered. He woke up three days later in a strange bed with a friendly face of Sentinel looking over him, offering him a job he couldn't refuse. He's been at his side ever since.

Physical Appearance:

Hark definitely has the "tough guy" archetype nailed when it comes to his attire and looks. He looks like one of those over-exaggerated characters in the military gaming sims with huge hulking muscles and towering stature. His trunk-like arms are banded in tribal tattoos, which are clearly visible with his sleeveless shirts.

Though his hardened features, his unshaven face, and his skull printed bandana covering his bald head might be warning signs enough to tread carefully around him, he is often laughing and smiling through cigar smoke or the bottom of a glass.

Hark and Nara:

Hark didn't used to regard Nara highly when she first emerged into Sentinel's domain. He thought Sentinel's new pet project was highly suspicious, and allowing a war criminal on the premises was a political nightmare waiting to unfold. He hated to be out of the loop, and Sentinel speaking to her in her native language forced him to watch over her with a wary eye.

But his tone soon changed as he saw how much of a skilled warrior she was, and had even pulled him out of several fires. Eventually he warmed up to her, and even considers her a "bro."

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