Sunday, December 2, 2012

Character Profiles: The House Galavantier

The crème-de-la-crème of high society, the House Galavantier is among the most prestigious of wealthy families. These are the type of people who wear formal attire even when lounging about in the house. Though the bloodline consists of only three people, Garrett, his mother, and his father, their skyscraper estate also houses an army of servants and other maintenance staff.

The frequent parties they hold are the most extravagant, as to reflect the success of Galavantier Corp. Each new party has unique décor, and is always accompanied by a feast to large enough to feed a small country for years. If you weren’t invited to these parties, you weren’t worth the time.

Antonin Galavantier:

Antonin is a powerful and ruthless businessman who has been said to be a “black hole of emotion.” His infamous poker face has always been an advantage in business dealings, never showing his true motives, even to those he is most close with in his household. No one is certain about how Galavantier came to be so successful, but most see him as having their best interests in mind

In terms of Garrett’s upbringing, he has taken a hands-off approach, leaving his education to the staff. But he holds extremely high standards for his young heir, even though he keeps Garrett far away from the actual business dealings until he is ready to take over.

Like many figureheads of his station, he does not concern too much over his physical appearance. He allows a fashionable amount of age reflect in his features to show an authoritarian air. Many other heads do this in order to give the appearance of experience in the industry.

Marguerite Galavantier:

Tall and slender, she is built like an idealized runway model, and just about as glamorous. She has the social butterfly trait needed to keep up with the required interactions to maintain her station. She is obsessed with appearance, and spends the majority of her spare time at the cosmetic surgeon’s office.

Her constant need to network with everyone who may be useful in forming business ties has taken a toll on Garrett. She uses his lack of marital status as an ace-in-the-hole for merging their company with someone equally as powerful. Though he manages to push back her initial attempts, her tenacity is not something easily dissuaded.
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