Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Character Profiles: Scorpio

            Scorpio is the leader of a specialist mercenary group known as the Shadows. This agency is radically different from traditional merc bands in that they are paid to watch, as opposed to interfere. Scorpio is Baran's eyes in the Undercity when he cannot be down to conduct personal business matters, away from Galavantier's watchful eyes. Scorpio has an extensive personal history with Baran, but this past is never disclosed to anyone outside his circle.

            His base of operation is in the back of a well hidden bar bordering the Fringe. He has a warm and hospitable personality, but he is not known for being taken advantage of. This misconception often leads him to forcefully eject potential clients from the bar for misunderstanding his rules. He is a completely neutral force within the Undercity, and openly laughs at the faces of those who seek to sway his hand in their favor, either by bribery or by threat.

Physical Appearance:

            When discussing a contract, he wears the common street clothes of Under rather than something suitable for a businessman. His messy black hair often falls over his natural eye, leaving the clients staring into his hardware instead. His warm smile borders on the creepy, giving potential customers with the sudden urge to look over their shoulders frequently.

His most distinguishing feature is the jagged scar scrawled across his left eye, marring his otherwise handsome face. It was the remnant of an incident a lifetime ago, and his old eye was replaced by a cybernetic, a supremely advanced model, radiating with a glowing lime green cornea.
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