Sunday, January 6, 2013

Character Profiles: Darius

Darius is the keeper of the tavern known as the H.U.D, a radiant beacon in the desolated concrete graveyards of the Undercity. He caters to all walks of life, as his establishment is within reach of both mercenary warlords and Uppercity aristocracy seeking to get away from it all.

Rumor has it that Darius was actually once a noble from the upper districts, but the reasons behind his arrival to the underground are a complete mystery. Some of the wilder stories claim he is a criminal hiding out, while others say that he was a revolutionary, running a war behind the front of the bar. Others claimed he was a social worker, bringing the comforts of the Uppercity to the downtrodden. And still many more say he merely got tired of the bright lights and drama, and wanted to settle down in a different environment.

Whatever the reason may be, people come to know him as a kind, gentle soul willing to help out in the bleakness of Under.

Physical Appearance:

Darius can be described as a dapper looking bear of a man with his neatly trimmed beard and his thick brown hair combed smartly into a short ponytail. His giant and hairy arms are more likely to give you a crushing hug rather than a hook across the jaw. His appearance often deters the bandits and troublemakers because he looks like he can dislodge the heavy wooden bar and beat you to death with it.

Darius and Garrett:

Darius knows the civilized zones of Under like the back of his hand, along with a good chunk of the Fringe, so he is often nicknamed the "Information Booth" of Under. Garrett often trusts him to lead him to interesting landmarks ripe for exploration. He also gives Garrett tips on vendors, and who is new in the city looking for relics. Darius doesn't ask for much in return, just to pay your tab in full, and he always offers him a listening ear.

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