Friday, January 11, 2013

Faction Profiles: The Enforcers

Always there at the right place and the right time, the Enforcers are the ruthless justice system of Under. They went rogue centuries ago, and now they wander the streets in their enigmatic crusade. Evil is attracted to the seedy marketplaces, and the Enforcers are often spotted raiding the merchants and consumers, apprehending their victims, and disappearing without a trace. The market vendors have adapted to this behavior, which is why they are constantly on the move.

No one knows what they are; machine, alien, or some horrific genetic experiment. They keep their features hidden, swathed in black tattered robes that drag on the concrete, their faces a void of nothingness.   But the extremely perceptive can pick up a glint of fluid metallic claws protruding from their sleeves.

Where they take their victims, alive or dead, also remains a mystery. Most theorize they reside in bases deep into the Fringe, but no one has ever been in far enough and returned to tell the tale. But the potential horrors ne’er do wells would be subject to is left completely to the imagination of the most disturbed individuals, amplified by speculation and hearsay. All will agree that capture is a fate worse than death.

They are not unique to Arcadia, but are found only on planets run by a corporate oligarchy. But not one single corporate entity takes the blame, or credit, for releasing the ferocious horde into the galaxy. But the Uppercity dwellers need not fear of encountering these bloodthirsty priests of order; they rarely stray far into the blue blood territory, leaving the pseudo markets and public elevators in peace.

There are only three known survivors of Enforcer encounters: Garrett, who was unconscious the entire time, Nara, who was not recognized by their scanners as a sentient creature, and Vausaureth Cain, who has actually managed to escape one of their compounds. But he is a man of few words, and getting him to recount his experiences is nearly impossible.

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