Sunday, January 13, 2013

Synopsis of Sleepless Flame

Arcadia, both a city and a planet, was the ultimate culmination of unrestricted capitalist society. A planet ruled by massive influential corporations, where the common labor force once held by man had been replaced by machines. And only those of “superior” intelligence, education, or breeding had any worth. The elite society had risen, both literally and financially, creating the Upper city. Segregating themselves into a world of decadence, cybernetic enhancement, and shallow entertainment. Leaving the average, the misfortunate, and the unlucky to wallow in the rubble and poverty of the Undercity.

Nara, an alien war criminal banished from her home world, is one of the more fortunate inhabitants of Undercity. Surviving by utilizing her skills in espionage and combat as a mercenary, she has proven many times to be one of the most sought after individuals in the criminal superstructure. Some want her for her skills, while many more simply want her head.

But she has no interest in politics, fame, or money. She simply wants to be allowed to live her life quietly in the depths of the Fringe. However, destiny has other ideas for her. Haunted by visions and memories in her past, she has been forced to act outside her nature in order to gain a tenuous grasp of peace. And a new encounter could tear her carefully sheltered world asunder.

 Garrett Galavantier, a member of the elite, bored and disgusted with the vapid and mind numbing world of the Uppercity, longs for a miniscule taste of adventure and exploration. Though constrained by his role as heir to one of the largest Megacorps in Upper, he manages to escape into the dangerous and often illegal world of the Undercity. With an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, his hidden escapades often leave him unearthing past civilizations deep inside the uncivilized reaches of the Fringe.

Though he takes his station under careful consideration, and his name the bane of his existence, his curiosity proved to be his undoing one fateful trip. Eavesdropping on what he thought was a simple gang conflict, his hiding spot was soon discovered as the structure he was standing on collapsed, causing the bandits to open fire at the noise.

He awoke in the home of a grizzled looking warrior. After the initial shock passed, and formalities concluded, he managed to negotiate a contract with the red mercenary, using his vast accounts in exchange for information.

Nara would normally not have been bothered by the foolishness of a random Uppercity tourist, but instinct had told her she needed to keep this one close. Especially considering he was wearing an artifact of her race when she discovered his body. Both searching for answers, they formed a pact that would result in the cataclysmic rupture of Arcadia's delicate political structure.

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