Sunday, February 17, 2013

Musical Inspirations - The Voice Part 1

                “Greetings Citizens of the State. Today I come to you to address the recent tragedies that have come upon us. The lives of many citizens as well as devoted police have been lost. But fear not, for with the bravery of the Rehabilitators, the bane of the Resistance has been deterred.
                We must not let these atrocities color our world. It is our duty as citizens of the State to report to our local police. Without your help, this society would be rampant with destruction and chaos, misery and suffering.
Do not be persuaded by the lies they preach. You, the people, are protected from this madness that has infected the outside world. The dedicated governing bodies are here for you so that you and your families can grow, thrive in an era of innocence.
                Do not live in the shadow of fear, for the shadow of the State is even greater.  We will not be intimidated by the barbarians outside our gates. Those that threaten the very peace of our society we hold within these walls. Let the Shepherds guide you, keep you safe. The State is our stronghold, and we shall never falter.”
                Cheers and cries of the people could be heard from below. Banners depicting the symbol of the state waved with enthusiasm as the wind added to the revelry.
                “That was The Voice of The People speaking out on the current state of affairs. Tune in next week for more. And remember to report any suspicious activity to your local Rehabilitation Office. You have the power to help the threat of terrorism and keep our great nation safe. ”

                Adam Gale, the Voice of the People, turned off the television screen, reclining back in his chair, brandy in hand.
                “That was very inspiring, sir,” His butler crept in from the corner of the room.
                “Thank you, Conrad.” He stood up from his seat, handing over his glass to his servant.
                “Will you be going out this evening, sir?” The man asked with a tone of concern as he took the glass.
                “I think I may go for a stroll, yes.” Adam stretched out his arms casually.
                “Do be careful, sir, it always worries me when you go out alone at night. You never know who is out there lingering in the shadows.”
                “I don’t think the Shepherds will let anyone cause harm to The Voice, my friend. You have nothing to worry about.” Adam slipped on his coat from the rack next to the door.
                “Either way, you should still have someone escort you.” The butler implored.
                “I’ll be fine. You fret too much.” He gave his friend a sly smile as he fitted his hat over his head.

I have been *very* excited to release this mini. I have been listening to Detroit Diesel for probably way too much, and this little gem popped out of my brain.

It will be a six part series, with music attached to each part. Hopefully this first intro will intrigue you to continue reading.

For a little background, the Voice of the People is a political figurehead, a governmental orator, chosen for a lifetime term to speak to the citizens of the State. He is basically their censor, assuring the people to keep calm and carry on, despite the warzone just outside. They cannot help themselves, they need the police to help them.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this little taste, it will get MUCH more exciting later on.
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