Saturday, February 23, 2013

Musical Inspirations: The Voice Part 2 - Interview

“Hello again, Citizens of the State. I am here this evening with a very special guest: a man who has singlehandedly maintained the unity of our great nation. A man who’s awe inspiring words have motivated our Citizens to act in solidarity, and strike fear into the menace of the Resistance. Here to share his valuable time with us, please welcome, The Voice of the People.”

                “Thank you, Mr. Welsh, it is great to be here.”
                “Tell us, if I may ask, where exactly do you get your inspiration?”
                “It is my passion that drives my thoughts. It is my way of showing gratitude for this State, and in return I hope to assure the citizens of this nation to feel secure in their homes, despite these tumultuous times.”
                “Absolutely moving. So do you have any hobbies or other getaways from your busy schedule?”
                “Well, composing my addresses to the people often takes up the majority of my time, but I like to take strolls along the parks and take in the fresh air. But like many of the citizens, time spent for myself is not as rewarding. I much prefer spending my time dedicated to my work for the State.”
                “A credit to this nation, for sure. I bet your parents must be proud. Tell me, where are they now?”
                “After many years of dedicated service in the State Parliament, Ma and Pa are comfortably retired at Mount of the Shepherds.”
                “A well-deserved rest indeed. Well thank you very much, for your time here; we are truly grateful you have come to share with us.”
                “Not at all, thank you.”
                “Ladies and Gentleman of the State, The Voice of the People. A tribute to this great nation, who I am certain will continue to inspire us for many years to come. Later on this evening we will have another guest speaker about the importance of unification amid our people. Stay tuned to hear more…” 
                Adam switched off the radio and walked off to grab his hat and coat.
                “You are going out again?” His butler inquired, a slightly worried tone in his voice.
                “Yes, I think I’ll take a walk around the parks again.”
                “I see,” The butler wrung out his hands nervously. “Well, have a good journey, sir.”
                “No lecture on my personal safety this time, Conrad?” Adam gave a wry laugh.
                “I…” He looked down at the floor. “No, sir.”
                “Is something the matter?” Adam noticed his friend was acting strangely, tense even. “Are you ill?”
                “No, Sir.” His eyes suddenly met with Adam’s, a serious expression chiseled into his face. “Please come back to us, no matter the cost.”
                “What an odd thing to say, Conrad.” He scrutinized his friend.
                “It’s nothing, sir. Safe travels.” Conrad briskly turned around and walked out of the room without saying another word, gnawing uneasily on a knuckle.
                Shrugging off the odd encounter, Adam ventured off in the cool embrace of the night.


Part 2 of The Voice

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Music is another awesome piece from Detroit Diesel. Check them out!!
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