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Musical Inspirations - The Voice Part 4: Concern

                He awoke in his own bed, clean and groomed, as if the night before had never happened. Was it all just a horrid dream? The bruises on his aching head told him otherwise. He stood up shakily from the bed and staggered over to the window, letting the soft smolder of the sunset distract him, forgetting the events of last night temporarily.
                He got dressed and poured himself a tall glass of brandy, swirling the liquid in the glass, staring at the motion. He made his way over to his office desk and sat in his chair.
                “What the hell just happened to me?” He breathed, staring out into space as if demanding it for answers.
                A firm knock on his door interrupted his thoughts.
                “Come in,” He beckoned, quieting the shake in his voice.
                A tall, pale individual walked inside his office, sporting a black leather trench coat and shoes immaculately polished. The black suit he wore was sharper than his smile, which was bordering on the wolfish scale. He was well groomed, his sleek blond hair slicked back, and he emitted a faint scent of campfire wood. His collar had a small hawk stitched on the tips, the emblem of his office: a Shepherd of the Rehabilitators, a police enforcer of highest rank.
                “Good evening, Mr. Gale.” He said in an eerily soothing voice.
Adam had always seen the Shepherds as a comforting assurance of his safety, and innocence, always watching over the people within the borders of The State, but after what had happened last night, he was suddenly overcome with a shiver down his spine. It was as if he felt like he had done something wrong, and was suddenly faced with punishment.
                “Greetings, officer, how can I help you?” Adam said and stood up, offering the gentleman the seat in front of his desk.
                “I just wanted to stop by and check on you, after your unfortunate ordeal.” He said as he slid into the chair, taking a cigarette out from his coat pocket, which Adam obligingly lit for him.  “The Resistance can be a rather uncouth group of individuals.”
                “Well, I am very grateful for your concern.” He said as he sat uneasily back down.
                “I know this may not be the best of times,” The Shepherd said through a puff of smoke. “But I would appreciate it if you stopped by my office sometime. I am very curious to know what exactly you have endured. Once you are ready, of course.”
                “Certainly. I would like a little time to compose the next Assembly. The people have been without assurance for some time. I think they deserve some peace of mind first.” Adam said in hopes to stall the officer, unknowing what to think about the event himself.
                “Of course.” The officer smiled again, nodding in approval. Adam was suddenly aware of an unnerving silence echoing in the hallways, staring off distractedly into space. “Is there something the matter?”
                “I was just wondering where my butler Conrad has gone to.” Adam shook the feeling from his head.  “It’s been rather quiet, and he’s usually close by when I arise.”
                “He has been,” The Shepherd blew out another puff of smoke. “Reassigned. I’m sure you understand. His skills were best suited elsewhere.”
                “Sure.” Adam was beginning to feel the uneasiness again. The two men sat in an awkward silence, the Shepherd comfortable with his current seat, and Adam running around in circles wondering what the man really wanted from him.
“Having trouble with your next speech?” The Shepherd suddenly changed the subject. Adam was left questioning the man’s motives, searching through the officer’s stoic face, and chose his next words wisely.
“Well, yes, actually.” He cleared his throat and folded his hands neatly in front of him. “With the recent uprisings and the riots, I am very nervous. I want this next Assembly to be completely unequivocal. The people deserve nothing less than ironclad security.”
“Well, I am glad your devotion to the State has not been damaged.” The Shepherd declared.
“It will take a lot more to impact my faith of the State.” Adam pledged, but he was not fully convinced his feeling was all that unflappable.
“I know.” The Shepherd smiled then took another drag of his cigarette before putting it out in the ashtray. “You are a very special individual, Mr. Gale, and we want to make sure you are safe. The people adore you, after all, and would be distraught if harm came to you.”
“That’s very kind of you to show concern.”
“Please be sure to make a speedy recovery. The people desperately need you. We will be watching.” The officer stood up from his seat.
“Of course, officer.” Adam said, relieved the man was finally leaving.
“Good evening, Mr. Gale.” The man made a small salute before turning away.
Adam had a sickening sense of foreboding as the officer walked out of his office. He felt as if his time was running out.

Part 4 of 6 of The Voice

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