Sunday, March 17, 2013

Musical Inspirations - The Voice Part 5: Dilemma

“Investigators outside the Guardian Walls have reported a massive increase in Resistance activity.  The world outside erupts in chaos as riot outbreaks plague the streets. But fear not, your brave police force are working diligently to keep you safe.”

The television depicted familiar scenes of Resistance Fighters being gunned down by police forces, safely firing from the parapets of the Guardian Walls. A few of the Resistance soldiers could be seen vanishing form the battlefield as they were collected by the Rehabilitator Controllers, elite units that followed orders by no one but the Shepherds.

“But you, the people, need not worry. The State will stand vigilant for your well-being. We would also like to remind you that Curfew is to be followed at all costs, and for your safety, stay away from the Guardian Walls. They are here to protect you from the menace outside.
You can also be an active part of your safety by reporting any and all suspicious activity to your nearest Shepherd Station…”

He turned off the television set and threw the remote on the chair. He had not rested since the visit by the Shepherd, spending the majority of his time pacing around the room, occasionally pausing to light another cigarette. His now empty estate used to radiate security, comfort, safety. But now, the silence fills him with dread as his footsteps echo in the halls.

His worldview had been corrupted, and he wondered how he could ever live the same life again. It was obvious the State had been filling the people with lies in order to keep them in check, like a herd of overly obliging cattle. But something didn’t feel…right.

His world was always black and white; you were either a Citizen, or a Renegade. He was now terrified of those who controlled The State, but he wondered, was the Resistance the better solution? Were they the true heroes?

He recalled the night of his capture in vivid detail.

What is your name? He heard echo in his mind, but he heard the voice of both the Shepherd, and his mysterious captor.

       Adam was tangling with reality as it shredded before his very eyes. If the State was more than willing to lie to the people, could the Resistance as well? Could there perhaps be another solution?

      He paused mid gait to consider the question.

      Could he really believe that the Resistance was trying to rescue the people? How could they possibly be the saviors, when they were so willing to use the very tactics that the force they were demonizing had used?  Psychological terror was still torture, no matter the context, or how the end justified the means.

     What is your name? The words plagued him, each syllable eating away at his sanity.

      His distraction had unwittingly led him to the cellar, where he tried to quiet his mind over a bottle of vintage liquor.

     All that is broken can be repaired. He heard the shadowy man’s mocking voice.

      But he was broken. And there was nothing that he could do to repair himself. And no one in the country could ever be allowed to feel the same way. Everyone was a piece in a divided puzzle; two halves, black, and white. There was no room for grey.

     He slumped into a disheveled mess onto the concrete floor. His hand knocked over the bottle, its sweet red liquid spilling into the cracks. He watched idly, trying to ignore the despair that has suddenly overtaken him.

     He was on the wrong side of the Wall.

     Was he already dead? If he was unable to find the answers, perhaps others could. But as much as both sides tried to convince him, he still had power. He had The Voice. There were those who looked up to him, and those who hope. All that is broken can be repaired.

Part 5 of the Voice. Conclusion should arrive next week.

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