Saturday, February 22, 2014

WEWRIWA Submission

They came to the Bright One, seeking guidance. Their fire burned different, the color a deeper hue. In all essences, they resembled the Bright One, but they were blind, reaching aimlessly in the dark. The Bright One called out to them, but I could not discern its words.

One by one the Bright One gathered them, showing them order. But as the line of wanderers grew longer, shadows crept forth.

Cages of bone erupted from the earth, enveloping each of the blind, drowning out their light, until only the Bright One remained. Alone once more.

-Excerpt from The Mad Books, Chapter of Immolation written by Loremaster Drakel’Ai


This is a piece from a highly guarded book in the Ara'yulthr forbidden library. The prophet, being unable to cope with his tumultuous dreams, took to recording them as they were too fragmented to share with his peers.

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