Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sleepless Flame Update Report

Alright, way past due Review Update:

Currently I am working on Chapter 3, and I have just reached the first pass of reconstruction on page 15 of 19. Page 19 is approximately 80% text vs. white space. Current word count is 10,828 and time editing is 90hrs.

Goal by next Weekend: At least finish reconstructing the rest of the chapter that is currently present. I have a scene chunk to add in that will be filled in accordingly. Would like to begin doing final combings by the following week.

Personal Feelings about Progress: FML.
Seriously, I have dreaded this chapter ever since I started working on Ch. 9 I never wanted to go back to it, but I was finally delaying the inevitable (and cringing at what I thought was "complete")

BUT I feel like I am making some great progress and creating something that is now enjoyable.

Tune in next week for another edit update. Maybe. I'll get there.

Words of Encouragement are greatly appreciated

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