Friday, March 28, 2014

Sleepless Flame Update Report

Weekly Update Report:

Still working on Chapter 3, though I can admit progress has been pretty good. Still on the first pass of reconstruction, I am currently working on page 20 of 21. However, there are two significant chunks missing in the plot line that I need to fill in, and I anticipate at least another two to four pages will be added on.  Page 21 is currently filled with 95% text. Current word count is 12,163. I can’t use my time record because apparently the program counts the time the document has been opened while my computer is on sleep mode, because there is no way in hell I spent 40hrs editing this thing this week.

Goal by Next Weekend: Well, *this* weekend I hope to pound out the two missing chunks so I can start in on the final comb through editing of the chapter as a whole. I would ideally love to be finished with editing this chapter by next week.

Personal Feelings about Progress:
Not good, not great. I still have the two major plot points I need to basically build from square one. But as I look through the entire piece, I am slightly relieved about all the text I turned from unfinished purple and red to passable black, and it’s actually a great feeling. I turned something that was godawful boring and added the appropriate action and suspense. It is no longer painful for me to read, but I still wonder how much of the editing slipped through my eyes from weariness and impatience.

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