Saturday, March 15, 2014

WEWRIWA Submission - Mar 15th

“Miss Thrynn, I am honored to meet…”
“Major Thrynn.” She cut him off.
“I, uh, sorry?” The weakness of discomfort emanated from his voice.
“It’s Major Thrynn. I didn’t lose pieces of my body so that miserable little bookworms like yourself could call me ‘Miss.’ But to you, I am simply known as ‘Captain.’ Understood.” She boomed.


This lovely interaction is between  one of my favorite characters in my deiselpunk WIP and a new recruit. The captain, Talon Thrynn, was not too eager to have a researcher intern on board her ship, but her first mate had convinced her it was required in order to maintain the records and artifacts they come across on their travels. So this unfortunate soul has become the target of her misguided rage and bias against the scientific mind (which is deeply rooted from her backstory).

It is a book that I intend on working more of on a later date. But for now I have to continue focusing on Sleepless Flame until it is finally finished.

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