Saturday, March 29, 2014

WEWRIWA Submission - Mar 29th

She froze as the doors clicked shut in front of her, suddenly aware of a disturbing silence from above. She glanced up at the grated floor and watched the guard paused in his rounds, surveying the area in uncertainty. She slipped back behind the pipe, holding her breath as she lowered a weapon into the palm of her hand.
 The guard marched forward, a hasty pattern of noise created by his no longer casual gait.  Rapid fire clangs beat down the stairs as he descended to her floor. He slowly scanned around as he walked to the elevator, then distractedly turned his body towards the doors. He suddenly coughed, startling Garrett behind the safety of his desk. But Nara remained still as the man’s face folded into bewilderment, directing his attention to the lights above the doorway.

“Hey, Anders, you call an elevator?” The man shouted below him, his hoarse voice scratching the walls on the way down.


Another little piece from the chapter I have been beating my brains out trying to fix. Progress is actually going pretty well, considering I have dreaded this chapter from the moment I knew I had to go back to it. For a detailed report, check out my update here

This has been another submission for the Weekend Writing Warriors. For more awesome work check them out here:
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