Saturday, March 22, 2014


     “Mmmhmm,” She muttered distractedly as she rolled open a drawer from one of her numerous gun cabinets. The contents inside were impeccably organized, arranged in a pleasing aesthetic that would appeal more to a hobbyist collector rather than a run-of-the mill hired gun. Each weapon had its own shape-conforming nest formed by a gelatin like substance layering the bottom of the drawer, which was overlaid with a lining of downy soft grey fabric. Garrett had a strong desire to poke the squishy material, but he saved the temptation for a more appropriate time.
He watched her dig deeper into her collection of sharp objects connected by chains, knife edges that defied Euclidean geometry, and an assortment of jewel-like orbs that he knew better than to touch bare handed.  He noticed she was going for an all-purpose run, strapping mostly pistols and short blades on her appendages, leaving most of the exotic, and menacing, devices alone. 


An excerpt from the chapter I am currently bashing my brains into. For an updated progress report, feel free to check out my post here.

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