Saturday, March 1, 2014

WEWRIWA Submission

     The room was filled with idle supercomputers, quietly meditating as they chanted calculations and measurements in gentle clicks, their console screens softly glowing as the machines ran through their routine checks and functions. Rows of empty cryogenic tubes were lined up in the center; defenseless soldiers storing prototype organic matter, watching the world pass by around them.  The gloomy atmosphere left a chill through Garrett, even though he was observing from a remote location.
      Only one tube contained a whole organ: A mechanical human heart, pulsing inside the gel that kept it alive.  It was composed of a silvery metallic substance that moved like flesh as it beat a measured rhythm. Artificial veins and arteries glowed lime green where they branched out in a chaotic visceral web. In all essences, it was an exceptional mimic of its living flesh counterpart, though its eerie appearance made it feel unnatural and cold.


Another little tidbit for the Weekend Writing Warriors.
This piece is actually part of the chapter I am working on reconstructing in my current novel.

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