Saturday, April 5, 2014

WEWRIWA Submission - 04/06/14

She cursed under her breath as she examined her clean wounds, delicately rubbing the swollen, irritated flesh. The technology of her armor had kept the gash from tearing open further, but the added stress from the tumbles and falls she was forced to take visibly aggravated it.
 She reached up to open a cabinet, revealing a small, brightly colored apothecary stash hidden inside. Garrett observed numerous bottles of all shapes and sizes, all with plain white labels handwritten in an unfamiliar language. Some of the more colorful concoctions had a mild glow illuminating the cupboard. She selected a jar containing a blue colored salve from the shelf and rubbed the contents vigorously into her damaged carving. She then grabbed a purple potion and bit off the top, pouring the oily liquid over her flesh.
“Doesn’t that hurt?” He asked, confused by her stone face.

            “Yes.” She remarked matter-of-factly as she extracted a threaded needle from the cabinet.


This week's submission as another excerpt from the chapter I am working on. I wasn't too happy with this week's progress, so I am postponing a report until Monday. 

This has been another submission for the Weekend Writing Warriors. For more awesome work check them out here:
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