Saturday, April 12, 2014

WEWRIWA Submission - 04/13/14

His guilty eyes traveled to the exposed laceration wrapped around her forearm. Her flesh was caked in blood, and a thick layer of ichor had molded in the exact shape of the bracer she had worn. In between the wide gashes in her soft flesh, the droid had eviscerated the serpent, desecrating the beautiful engravings. But the droid’s blades could have easily torn through muscle if it weren't for her natural protection.

She watched the trails of red spiral into the basin, picking off the large chunks of clots in between the fine details of the carving with her fingernails. Jagged flecks of pink gold glinted in the murky water as the solid matter dissolved, leaving the art underneath resembling a piece of ancient reconstructed pottery.


This week's WEWRIWA submission is a few paragraphs behind the last, still from chapter 3. This is where I gave a bit more detail about the injury itself. You can read about my progress here.

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