Saturday, April 26, 2014

WEWRIWA Submission - 04/27/14

        “What the….fuck….?” Declan's words spilled out of him in a stunned breath of air. “That shit inside him is state of the art, unregistered prototypes. For a kid, he's a fucking beast. This shit isn’t even legal in most places in the galaxy.”
“Well, that can’t be good.” Sentinel stated plainly.
“You sure this kid is of sound mind?" Declan furrowed his eyebrows sternly behind his glasses. "I don’t exactly need the equivalent of a mechanical dope fiend running me through as I am looking him over.”
“He came to me for help, and could speak very clearly.” The man assured.
“Hmmm. It’s a good thing you ripped out the tracking from him,  If Chryansa found out you are holding one of their prized projects, you’re in for a whole world of pain.”


So I'm digging through the archives, and needless to say I think I'm running out of complete work. I did find this little gem however in Cain's origin stories. It has also made me realize that there is not enough hours of the day to help me complete all of my books I have on the bench in a timely manner.

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