Friday, May 2, 2014

Sleepless Flame Weekly Summary Report


I have finished with chapter three (yisssssss) and while I wait for beta reader feedback, I dove head first into chapter 4. Overall it didn't need a whole lot of tuning, but some rewording was necessary. The bottom half unfortunately is another combat scene, which drains my creative flow quickly. But unlike chapter 3, this fight is fully fleshed out, so all I need to do is adjust phrasing and visuals.
This chapter started with 13 pages at 7,581 words and page 13 half full of text.

This week ended with 14 page,  8,578 words and page 14 about 25% filled with text.  I am currently working on page 8. This is after about 7-ish hours of work.

Goals for Next Week:

Imbibing an unrealistic dose of optimism, I would like to be finished with the first pass through by the end of next week. Probably not gonna happen though.

Personal Feelings about progress:

This was a fucking delicious breath of fresh air compared to chapter 3. However, I have been sneaking glimpses of chapter 5 when my attention span is stretched to its limits, and I find myself groaning painfully once again. The combat in this chapter shouldn't be too rough though, as I have it fleshed out from start to finish. I just gotta fix things that my year previous self thought was a good idea…
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